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Sunday, 7 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
Hungrily, I reattach my mouth to
her nip*ple.
Taking a tighter grip on her Buttocks, I
start to move under her with my
own rhythm. Pulling out till only
my tip is still within her, I dive
back in, till my head hits her
Tina’s fingers dig into the back
of my scalp, as she starts yelling
in the throes of her passion. “Oh,
fuucckk me, you’re HUGE! Harder,
fuucckk me harder with that massive
coccckk of yours! Oh, damn, I’m
gonna Pour aga–” Her hand pulls
me away from her tit, as she
presses her mouth to mine. The
passion and fury of the kiss are
enough to set me off again, and I
barely pull her off me in time to
shoot my second load between
our bodies.
We continue to kiss for a few
moments, wrapped up in the
pleasure of our shared bliss, until
Tina pulls away, breathing
“I’ve never Pour that hard,
before!” she exclaims, her cheeks
flushed, and her chest still
heaving. “But next time, Pour
inside me; I’m on the pill.” She
shakes her head, looking at me.
“I can’t believe a geek could DO
that to me.”
I can only nod my head and
smile, exhaustion nearly
overwhelming me.
Tina is the first to get up, and we
start to clean up our mutual
mess, thankful for the small
snacks Nancy made, and left
for us on Tina’s desk.
Tina’s mom greets me with a
warm smile, but a slightly puzzled
look on her face as I leave. I
wonder what she is thinking
after walking in on her daughter
and me screwing?
It isn’t until I am driving back to
my apartment that I start to
wonder what Tina is going to tell
Richard. A small part of me feels
bad for taking the jock’s
girlfriend, but the memories of all
the times he has bullied me
washes any lingering feelings of
guilt away. I’m not worried
about retribution from him
either. Not any more, at least.
There is no sock on the door as I
get to my apartment, and I sigh
in relief. I’m completely worn out
after today, and am looking
forward to getting some sleep.
Ten minutes later, I am crawling
into bed, the light off, and my
alarm set to ‘exterminate’ my
sleep in the morning.
A bright blue light causes me to
sit up in bed in alarm. My heart is
pounding as I look around my
room, and I can feel the
beginnings of terror take hold of
me as I see a figure standing by
my window. It isn’t human, I
know. Not with its too long arms,
willowy frame, over-large eyes
set in a delicate seeming pink
“Are you the one?” The simple
question from this creature fills
me with more dread, than
anything else in my life.
Am puzzled.

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