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Monday, 8 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
I feel the blood rushing to
my face.
“Let’s just say, she may
no longer be interested in
Richard” I remembered that he’d
had a date last night too, and I
wanted to change the subject.
“What about your date? How’d it
“Did you see a sock on the door?
No? Then you know how it
went.” Dennis suddenly turned
sullen, and I wondered what had
happened. Being a Jock, he
normally had his pick of women.
From the noises that had
emanated from his room on past
occasions, I knew he got plenty
of action. That was part of the
reason we had instituted the
‘sock on the doorknob’: I had
walked in on him on more than
one occasion.
Knowing that I wasn’t going to
get any details, I ate my own
cereal,, showered, brushed my
teeth, and got out the door.
Wind and Rain pelted me in the
face as soon as I stepped
outside, and I rushed to my car.
Normally I prefer to walk to the
campus, but in bad weather like
this, I was glad I had my car. It
took me a few minutes to get it
warmed up, and I had to keep
my wipers going and defrost
running just to see the mushy
road. The rain was coming
down hard, and I envied the guy
from Japan that could start
himself on fire. That was a feat
that would come in handy at the
Wet as the roads were, I arrived
on campus at the same time I
usually did when I walked. By the
time I made it to class, I was
wet, and slightly out
of breath from running. On the
plus side, no one threw any
balls at me, or called me any
derogatory names. Everyone was
too busy trying to get out of this
On the bad side, despite running
and the cold, I fell asleep halfway
through my science class, and
couldn’t get my programs to
compile in my programming
class; all the switches I wrote
into my code kept failing. The
Irony of that didn’t escape me.
Lunch was a welcome break, but
I couldn’t get my mind off my
failure with the switches. I was
lost in thought, when something
struck the back of my head. My
headache had completely
dissipated, thankfully.
“Look what we have here,”
Richard’s voice boomed above
me, and I cringed, “a geek who
thinks too highly of himself.”
“Leave me alone, Richard” I
murmured, cradling my head in
my hands. With my new ability
out of commission, I knew I was
no match for the bigger man.
“Weave me awone, Wichard,” he
repeated in baby talk, laughing.
“Tina told me you tried to come
on to her, and she had to kick
you out. She’s mine, understand?
Leave her alone, or you will have
to deal with me.” Richard’s tone
made my head throb, but his
words made my blood boil. Tina
claimed I had come onto HER?
Sure, I had flipped some of her
switches, but in the end, she had
been the one to kiss me.
I stood up from my chair, turning
to face the bigger man, and
spoke before I could think better
of it. “Really, Richard? I have a
question for you: how bow-
legged was she walking this
I could see that I struck home by
the flash of red that blossomed
across his cheeks. Quicker than I
could think, he shoved me back,
and I fell hard back into my chair.
I knew I didn’t stand a chance
against him in a fight, and with
my anger rising, I started to act
before I could think. I made a
switch in him to make him
weaker, and firmly started
moving it.
Standing back on my feet, I
looked up to him, wishing I were
the taller one. My fists were
clenched at my side, as I glared at
the bigger man.
“Look at the dweeb,” someone
said behind Richard, and I
realized he’d brought one of his
cronies, “looks like he wants to
fight you, Richard. You’d better be
careful, he looks angry.” The
mocking tone just added fuel to
my fire, and I pushed more on
Richard’s ‘weak’ switch, and
remembered that I had created
another switch yesterday.
“Maybe if you were a big enough
man to satisfy your girlfriend, she
wouldn’t have come to me.” The
words were out of my mouth
before I could think better of
Again Richard’s hands pushed
against me, but in his weakened
state, he fell back and almost
tripped over Dan Peters.
Dan caught his leader,
however, and helped him back to
his feet. Richard tried to shove me
again, bracing himself this time,
but he barely had any strength
left in his arms.
“Leave me alone, Richard, and
never bother me again,” I told
the bully, menace dripping from
my voice. “I’d hate for you to
have any more accidents.”
Richard’s arm cocked back, ready
to strike me, but his eyes grew
large as I flipped his other
switch. In horror he looked
down, to see the puddle forming
at his feet.
“Come on, Richard!” Dan
cheered him on, not noticing
what had happened. “Show this
dweeb where he stands…
Richard?” It was too late. Richard
had turned and fled, an
unmistakable dark stain still
growing as he.
To Be Continued…

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