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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
“It’s fucckking freezing in here,” Stephanie repeated herself, and I couldn't stop my retort.
“That’s why they call it a freezer.”She gave me a look, like I was the idiot, but I just brushed it off. I noticed her eyes were a light blue , and she had really long lashes.
I heard the door close behind us, electronically latching, and decided to quickly look for the
juice before we both froze.
“It’s right here, next to the–” I cut off as the lights went off, and Stephanie gave a small scream. Before I could act or think I felt her grab a hold of me, pinning my arm to my side and shivering from cold and fear. “Don’t worry; the lights will come back on shortly. The power shouldn’t stay
off long. Let’s see if we can find the door.” It was a little hard groping for the door one handed, with her holding on tight to me, and somehow I’d become turned around, in the meantime.
“I hate the dark,” she confided in me. I patted her back in an effort to calm her, and she pulled me
tighter to her body. I couldn’t help but feel her bre*asts pressed against my arm, and after a moment I realised her crotch was pressed to the back of my hand. All of a sudden, I felt myself growing hard, and a plan hatched in my mind, as I finally found the door. “It’s locked,” I lied. “With the power out, we’re locked in here till it comes back on.” I could feel her shaking against my body, whether from fear or the cold I wasn’t sure. “The good news is that with the power out, it won’t get any colder in here.”
“At home, when the power goes out, my sister Stacy and I comfort each other till it comes back on.” I placed my free arm around her waist, pulling her tighter to me as I listen to her talk. “Sometimes we’ll just hold each other, and talk about whatever comes to mind. My parents say we’re two peas in a pod, but that’s just silly. What else would twins be?” Stephanie has a twin? For a moment I was tempted to start using my ability on her, but then thought better of it. I didn’t want to get caught in here doing something I shouldn’t be, and have Mikel fire me, and the last thing I needed was a bigger
headache. Besides, how much sweeter it would be if I won her over without making switches?
I let her continue talking, only saying a little here and there, letting our shared body warmth fight off the chill room. I knew it was helping to keep her calm.
“You don’t remember me, do you?” Steph( i will like to start abbreviating her name.) asked unexpectedly, and I wracked my mind trying to figure out who she was. She laughed, after I
remained silent for a few seconds. “It’s okay. I wouldn’t expect you to remember me with
the likes of Tina in the same class, or even Prof. Jane.” She must have felt me tense up then. “Ha, I know all the men look at the professor, and Tina is one of the hottest girls in school.” She laughed again, and I sensed more than saw her look up at me. “Do you know why I got a job here?”
I shook my head before I realised she couldn’t see me, and then said, “Because the tips are really good?” “No,” she suddenly grew quiet for a few seconds. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I’ve
had a crush on you for the longest time.”
“Me?” I blurted out. No woman has ever had a crush on me that I’d ever heard of. “Why me?” “Why not?” She replied, matter- of-fact. “I don’t go for the jocks; most of them are assholes anyway. I prefer a man that is smart, and for some reason I like pale skin, versus tanned. I dunno,” she hesitated, growing shy again, “I guess I also think you’re rather cute.” My heart was thumping in my chest as she spoke. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was aware of every inch of her body pressed to mine, her legs around my left leg, my left hand trapped between my jeans and her soft khaki- covered crotch, her bre*asts heaving against my arm, and it occurred to me that she was just as nervous as I was. Despite what she had just revealed, I thought I was being bold as I leaned my head down to where I thought her lips might be, and ended up kissing her nose.
She giggled, and I thought it was rather cute to listen to. I felt her hands travel up my body to the
back of my head, turning it, and then felt her lips touch mine. Despite the frigid temperature in here, I felt a delicious warmth spread from where our lips made contact, then travel through my head, down into my body, and ignite in my loins. I had already been a bit hard, but now it was throbbing in my
pants. With the arm still around Stephanie, I pulled her tighter to me, deepening the kiss, when she pulled away from me. “I can’t– I mean, we shouldn’t,” her voice was breathy, and suddenly I became self conscious. Was I a bad kisser? Did my breath stink? These are the questions that kept popping into my agitated mind.
To Be Continued…

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