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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Cold air buffets me as I trekked through the rain to my first college course today.
Something hits me in the back, but I ignore it, figuring it is just a
“What a nerd!” I hear Richard Dice voice that out a second later. I had hoped to get away from him after secondary school, but his father had somehow gotten him into the same expensive University I’d received a scholarship at, and so I was still being bullied by him.
“Leave him alone, Rich,” Tina says right afterwards. She’s
Richard’s girlfriend, and one of the hottest girls on campus, and when I say hottest… Damn it, she’s really hot… Truth be told.
“Okay, I’ll weave the wittle ol’ nerd awone for you,” Richard
replied in baby talk.
Why does Tina put up with such an idiot, I
wonder, not for the first time.
Classes seem to drag on, and my mind seems to keep going fuzzy from lack of sleep. Finally, in my
last class, I can’t seem to keep my eyes open, which is slightly odd,
as Prof.JANE class is usually one of my favourites. Not because
of the subject matter, math has always been an easy subject for
me, but because of her.
She stands just a little shorter than me, has beautiful big brown eyes that seem magnified by her large glasses. Her long dark brown hair is usually pulled back, and softly reflects the fluorescent lighting in the room. She has a
small waist that usually gets overlooked because of her ample br**st.
I am usually quite attentive in her class, but today, I struggle just to keep my eyes
open, and on her, as she lectures us on a formula I’d mastered last night before going to bed.
If only the lights were off, so I could put my head down, and rest. For a moment, I imagine standing up and switching off
the lights right by me, but they require a special key to switch them on or off.
I open my eyes as someone gasps, and notice that the room
is dark, except where Prof. Jane’s computer screen is on, and a couple other students
have their cell phones out, playing instead of paying attention.
“Who turned out the lights?” the professor demanded, walking to
her desk, and shuffling through a
drawer. She must have found what she was looking for, as she marches down the aisle till she
stands right next to me, slips the key into a notch, and lifts it,
restoring the lights.
Prof Jane glares down at me, as if I had been the one to turn off the
lights. “Mr. Smith, did you happen to see who turned off the lights?” I just shook my head, not having seen anyone do it, my
own eyes having been closed at the time. She looks at me
suspiciously for a moment, and then walks back down to her desk, dropping her key back in the drawer
My mind is racing now. HAD I somehow turned off the lights? I
couldn’t see how. But then I remembered this morning with the alarm clock, and my bedroom light. Both had been off before I
hit them. And the light in class had gone off when I had
thought about it. It was all likely a coincidence, but I had to try.
I pictured the key moving in the switch, turning the light off… And froze, a grin splitting my face.
Prof. Jane mutters to herself as she climbs the aisle, key in hand again, to turn the light back on.
The class is loudly murmuring, but I ignore them as I consider what this means. Do I have super powers? Am I some kind of mutant? More importantly, what exactly is it
that I can do? It has to be more than just turning off lights,
because I’d done it to my alarm clock.
The lights came back on, startling me, and I remove the smile from my face a moment too late.
“Since you think this is so funny, Mr. Smith, I want to see you in
my office after class.” My fellow students “ooh” like this was
secondary school, but I ignore them.
Part of me is elated at my new discovery, but another is
horrified that I am in trouble now. Looking around class, I see
a number of students glancing at me furtively, unsure themselves if I had really done the deed.
None of the stares really bothers me, till
I see Tina giving me a
disappointed look.
The professor gets back in front of the class, and continues her lecture, watching me like a hawk.
I want to experiment, but know better than to mess with the
lights again. Maybe it is telekinesis, I wonder, and start
trying to lift my pencil off my desk with only my mind.
Nothing happens.
I try moving it side to side, but again, it sits motionless. Maybe it
only works on electronics, I wonder next. Looking around for someone with their cell phone
out, I’m disappointed to see
none. I don’t dare pull my own out, with Prof Jane watching me so keenly.

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