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Saturday, 6 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…

For a almost a second, I am caught off guard, as Tina’s tongue frantically starts beating against my lips, and in a daze I open up to it. Our tongues swirl around each other, and I realise she is shaking. I must have made her orgasm! The comprehension strikes me, and now I am very hard in my own under wears: pants that I feel hands at, fumbling with my belt. I help her, undoing my zipper without
breaking the kiss. Her slender fingers reach in, and draw out my stiff member, and suddenly her face pulls away, leaving my lips feeling barren and nakked.
“What the…” Tina gasps, as she looks at me. Her eyes dart from my Joystick, up to my face and back again. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to–” I quickly find her ‘guilt’ switch, and start to fight it back to the off position. “I have a boyfriend… I shouldn’t…” I continue to manipulate her switches, holding her ‘horny’ switch on, working ‘guilt’ down, and pretty soon her eyes are locked solely on my crotch. “I’ve never seen one so big,” she murmurs, licking her lips. I feel her ‘guilt’ switch try to move, but
I hold it firm. “Richard’s is so much smaller, I… I… It’s wrong, but oh so big…” ‘Guilt’ is nearly completely off, and I watch as her hands start to rise to my crotch again. “So big…” she repeats, as her fingers grip my manhood. Her hands aren’t able to make it all the way around the base, and I moan as her fingers grip me tighter. Her eyes dart up to mine for only a moment, before she leans forward, and barely stretches her lips around the bulbous head. Using her grasp on me, she pulls me to her, and I am more than willing to do so, taking a couple of half steps, till I am standing between her legs as she sits in her chair. She starts to make sucking noises, as she tries to get more and more of me into her warm wet mouth. She looks so cute, with her eyes closed, and her lips locked around me, I moan earnestly. I can already feel myself getting close. “Tina? Is everything okay up there? I thought I heard a noise.” Nancy’s voice comes calling through the open doorway, and for a second I panic, as my hands grip the back of Tina’s head, holding her still. I’m not sure if she heard though, lost in her own lusts as she is and she only continues to suck and slurp on my diccck. I immediately start flipping some of the switches I created in Nancy earlier, noting that her ‘concern’ switch takes a little effort, but grudgingly moves nonetheless. I also make a quick ‘concern’ switch for Tina, and
make sure it is set to off. “Everything is fine, Nancy,” I call out the door, thankful that I don’t have to see the switch, to move it, and tweaking her ‘acceptance’ switch at the same time. Imagining the door as a sideways switch, I gently move it closed. “Okay. Just lemme know if you kids need anything.” I sense Nancy’s switches moving away, and sigh in relief.
The panic seems to have reset me, and I look back down at Tina, hungrily gobbling my long diccck. I can make out her cleavage, and gently slip my right hand from the back of her head, down her neck, to her chest, between her firm brea*sts, and then around to her left nip*ple, under her bra. Tina moans as I start to play with the hard nub, making her blow*job that much greater. She is only able to get a couple inches between her lips, but the way she moves her tongue, around the rim of the head feels fantastic. I pull my hand out from her shirt, and bend over, grabbing the sides of the garment, and start to tug it up. The Sekxy girl pulls off me long enough to pull her shirt off, and then lunges back to my cocck. Her lust and hunger drive me wild with my own, and I can’t stop the impending orgasm.
“I’m getting close,” I whisper, and she only nods, before going wild. Sucking harder, slurping noises rebound around the room, as my climax strikes me. I have to lock my knees, as string after string of jism shoots into Tina’s mouth. She suddenly stops sucking, but her moans increase, and it occurs to me that she is having another orgasm. I realise I am mentally mashing down hard on her horny switch, and let up, noting that she starts to recover from her climax as I do so. She pulls her head away from my crotch, sucking every last drop out of me as she does so, and my slightly shrinking head makes a ‘popping’ noise as it exits her mouth.
To Be Continued…

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