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Saturday, 6 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…

Tina grins up at me, while her hands glide up and down my soaked diick, and I see her suck up a bit of my Pour that somehow escaped her soft lips. “I have never Pour from giving head before,” she says in awe. “Imagine what else this thing can do…” she tenderly squeezes my cocckk, and winks at me. I’m not sure if it is my lessened libido after having just blown one helluva load down her throat or what, but somehow the words were out of my mouth before I could think better of them. “What about Richard?” Without missing a beat, or a stroke, she answers me with that beautiful smile still on her face. “Who cares? I’ll deal with him later, but right now, I have something better than his tiny pricckk to deal with.” Before I know it, Tina stands up, and shoves me back to the bed. She then undoes her pants, dropping them to the floor, and I quickly do the same, feeling my own libido start to rise again, as I spy the heart-shaped fuzz that tops her V HOLE. Reaching behind her back, she unsnaps her bra, finally freeing her two large mons to my hungry gaze. I have to admit that bre*asts are my biggest fetish; big, small, firm, or flabby, I love them all. Tina’s are anything but flabby, and I already know just how firm they are. They stand out proudly from her chest as she walks over to me, crawling on the bed, and slipping my re-hardening pennnis back into her mouth.
Tina starts to move her body around, till she straddles my face. Her pus*sy is nearly dripping as I lightly bring the tip of my tongue to it, tasting her for the first time. As my tongue comes into contact with her crotch, she grunts, slamming her wet slit down against my mouth, and I feel her own mouth go down further on my rock hard rod. Shoving my tongue in as far as it can go, I am nearly drinking the juices that are flowing from her. “My Gawd, I have never been this horny before in my life!” Tina
exclaims, and it sounds like she is trying to catch her breath. “I can’t wait to get this beast in me.” Catching me unawares with her speed, Tina spins around, and soon has my cocckkk at the entrance to her slippery hole. “Take it slow,” she tells me, then ignores her own advice as she starts pressing back with her pelvis. After a couple seconds, I feel my head pop past her inner lips, and we both sigh with the connection. She is tight, and I doubt if she is going to be able to take my whole length into her. I continue to hold still, while Tina firmly grinds her twat down the length of my pole. Every little centimeter seems like a small triumph, as her massaging muscles take me in deeper and deeper. Her delightful bre*asts are dangling above me, and I lift my head to taste them for the first time. Her right nip*ple is already hard, as I suck it between my lips, and nibble lightly on it. I must have surprised her with this action, as she suddenly gasps, and I feel myself slide into her a little further. She freezes on top of me, and I can feel her pus*sy gripping my cocckk, lubricating it in even more of her juices as she has another small orgasm. When she finally stops shuddering, she looks between us, and gasps. “Holy Shtt! How big are you? I’ve never had one this deep before and there is still half of you out of me! I almost feel like you are splitting me in two.” In answer, I grip an Buttocks cheek in each hand, suck hard on her nip*ple, and lift my hips slightly, going a bit deeper. Tina grunts with my motion, gripping the back of my head, and pulling me tighter to her bre*ast. She pulls up a little bit, and then slams back down, barely taking any more of me inside her. I hear the door open, and check to see that I can feel Nancy’s switches just outside it. I throw all my weight against Nancy’s and Tina’s ‘concern’ switch, making sure they are both fully set to off, and Nancy’s ‘acceptance’ switch is fully on, as she enters the room. “I thought I would make you two some snacks, while you were up
here,” the older woman says, standing next to us. Her voice almost seems flat, as she talks. “Ung,” Tina grunts, as she tries and fails again to take more of me into her grasping vag*ina, “Okay, thanks mom. We’ll eat them in a minute.” “You two enjoy, now, and I’ll leave you alone.” I sense Nancy moving to the door. “Oh, I am enjoying!” Tina nearly screams, slamming down hard. Her pus*sy is so tight, it feels like it is trying to strangle my cocckkk, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to get the last few inches inside her. “Damnit! What does it take to get all of you inside me?” She demands. “Practice,” I tell her simply, though the truth is, none of my few girlfriends have ever been able to take my full length.

To Be Continued…

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