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Monday, 8 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
Freaky idiot,” Dan yelled, but turned
tail, and followed the yellowish
trail out of the cafeteria.
It wasn’t until I sat down, that I
realized my switches were
working again, and my anger
fled. A second later, the pain
struck and everything went
* * *
Soft talking brought me out of a
dreamless sleep, and I looked
around. Under me was a stiff
mattress, with white sheets. A
white curtain hung from the
ceiling, and everything seemed to
be white around me. I’ve died, I
figured, and let my head drop
back to the pillow. I overused my
ability, and it killed me.
“I see you finally woke up,” a soft
feminine voice sounded, and I
looked up to see old Mrs. Stilinski( i got that name from the seasonal film TEENWOLF. Asin stiles stilinski),
her grey hair tucked neatly into a
bun on the back of her head, and
her large smock hugging tightly
to her massive frame.
“Wh-What happaened?” I asked,
finding my throat dry. Not dead
then, I realized. Mrs. Stilinski
looked nothing like an angel.
“I was hoping you could tell me.”
Mrs. Stilinski, the campus nurse,
was a nice enough woman, I had
heard, but this was the first time
I’d had to come here. The lights
flickered as she spoke, and I
wondered if the storm was still
going strong outside.
I just shook my head and lay
back down. She kept an eye on
me for another hour, before
releasing me, telling me I should
see a doctor when I got the
Leaving her office, I noted that
my head no longer hurt, and
remembering the look on
Richard’s face as he ran away
brought a smile to my face.
Hopefully I wouldn’t have to deal
with him again.
Checking my watch, I saw that I
had already missed half my last
class of the day, and just decided
to go home, and get ready for
work tonight.
The drive home took nearly as
long as the drive to school this
morning, the storm had gotten
worse, and I noticed more than a
couple cars had slid off the slick
road. I took my sweet time, and
made it back to my apartment
Walking into my room, I plopped
myself down on my bed, and
braced myself, before trying to
mentally turn off the light. The
pain hit me almost immediately,
but it was duller than it had been
this morning. Either I was getting
used to it, or it wasn’t as bad.
Better yet, the light had turned
off, and I was still conscious.
The power flickered a few more
times as I dressed for work, and
I wondered if the restaurant
would still be open in this storm.
Deciding that I was better safe
than sorry, I called my boss. He
informed me in no uncertain
terms that I was either to show
up for work, or I could find a
new job. I cursed him soundly, as
I trudged through the now forming snow to
my car, and even louder as my
car slid more than drove down
the slippery roads.
I was ten minutes late, when I
walked through the door.
“Where the hell have you been?”
Thundered Mikel (Don’t call
him John Obi ) Scott my boss. He
was a big bull of a man, and ran
this restaurant with an iron fist.
He was also the owner’s son. The
lights in the restaurant shone of
his shaved head, and I could see
he was already in a foul mood.
Looking around, I couldn’t
understand what his rush was,
with the storm blowing outside,
the restaurant was mostly empty,
but I wasn’t about to point that
out to him.
Turning to point outside, I
opened my mouth to explain, but
he cut me off.
“Don’t blame the storm. You
knew what it was like when you
called, and should have left
earlier to make up for it. Now get
back to the kitchens, and get to
All I could do was nod my head,
and nearly run back to the
kitchens. For a moment I was
tempted to use my ability on him,
but decided he wasn’t worth the
For the next hour, I cooked what
few orders came my way, and
otherwise kept to myself.
“We’re out of juice up front,”
Stephanie, a new waitress, called
“It’s in the fridge, but make sure
you get one out of the freezer to
thaw out,” I told her. I saw the
brunette take one of the
concentrated juice jugs out of
the fridge, and take it up front. A
few minutes later, she returned
and walked into the freezer, only
to come out a second later,
shivering and empty handed.
“I can’t find it in there, and it’s
freezing!” She walked up to me,
rubbing her arms, and asking,
“Can you help me find it, Nick?”
Stephanie was a new waitress, so it
was understandable that she
wanted help. I followed her back
to the freezer, and noticed that
she had a pretty nice frame. Her
hips were a little wide, but her
waist was small, and she had a
rather nice walk. Normally, all the
cooks see of the waitresses were
their faces, and while she was
cute enough, she was no Tina.
To Be Continued…

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