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Saturday, 20 January 2018


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By rate, average guys have been finding it confronting to woo  ladies that apparently look classy,  compared to themselves they feel materialistically inferior to such ladies,  hence losing the natural pride deposited in men to approach. Meanwhile such a lady that looks so big before you is really fragile,  every lady has a natural choice of guys,  i. e apart from money or material things there are some inbuilt potentials ladies like in guys,  in a nutshell,  there are ways approaching ladies can be maneuver, here are some hints:

Be mature: Naturally,  as the guy you must be intellectually advanced than the lady,  in act and in talks,  you must present to her, new, interesting , tangible and reasonable things to convince her, if a girl is wiser than you,  it won't work. But at least she must like you for something, however not any childish act. 

Be natural : As a guy,  u dont need to deny your natural facts to get a lady,  you dont need to act fake as well,  be known for who you are,  dont unveil a counterfeit of you. Even if you're a player,  be at least 90% real.

Don't be intimidated : Guys naturally should be smart towards the course of approaching a lady,  even if you're dull in other aspects,  a lady will look down on fearful guys,  you should be brave enough to dominate,  that's the pride of a guy. 

Try your luck: Always try and give it a shot when you see a lady that attracts you. Don't feel disappointed of discouraged when she turns you down, its normal,  she shouldn't act cheap either. But her reasons for turning you down should give you the course to proceed next time or give up.
Start with something relating around : If you don't know how to begin a conversation with a lady,  you can start with what is happening in that area as at that time,  maybe in the class,  you can ask her if her note is complete,  from there you can start a conversation.
Dont rush things : Approach her in a polite manner,  dont go straight to the dating sh*t , start with friends,  and dont give her wrong impression about you.

Make her feel safe and happy around you: Ladies like to have someone to confide in,  in the long run,  you may notice she has a guy already,  don't feel withered,  ride on with her,  encourage her relationship,  let her see you as a best friend that's always there for her. And that has nothing or less to do with your pocket.

Mind you,  it all starts with friendship, and from there you gain alot in the relationship.

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