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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Chido looked her drunkenly in the eyes as she told him, “if u can get hard again 4 aunty Bimbo. I will give u the 4king of ur life”.
She slipped his JT back in her mouth as she tried to bring it back to life and back to life it came after about 10 steady mins of blowing, sU-Cking and stroking.
As his JT became hard, Bimbo positioned herself to ride him. Slipped a CD over and went to town riding his JT slowly initially and then with feriously.
As she rode she was now grinning manically then she shuffled slightly shifted her wait up again before sitting down again hard.
“Oh Oh Oh!” She whistled as she impaled herself hard and harder on Chido’s JT.
Not another word past their lips as she slowly moved up and down biting her bottom lip. (As she bleeped him her tits smothered his face cos she was a 40 C and this would eventually become one of Chido’s special kinks.)
She continued to ride like a stallion while his hands were all over her body like an epileptic spider monkey
– He was squeezing her tits, handling her very large watery voluptuous butt0ckz and stroking her legs. Her laps were rather mighty he thought as she 4ked up.
Eventually She began p@nting as her 4king became faster and more frantic. She was now throwing her head backwards and forwards and began to look angry as she sq££zed his JT with her Kittykat muscles.
“Aaahhhh…..Ooohhh…..yes yes yes yes…..Oh YES. I go die OOOOHHHHH!” She p@nted then gasped as she gripped his shoulders and crushed her swinging tits against his face. She clung to him briefly as spasm of orgasms got her.
As she came, every spasm of orgasm was followed with a tightening of her Kittykat muscle on his JT, till Chido couldnt take it anymore as a scream escaped his lips as he came too. As he cam his whole body was suddenly flooded with sweat as he blanked out.

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