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Thursday, 11 January 2018


Will be posted Twice in a week

  Help! Help!! Help!!! This word has been on my lips for years but no one come to help me. No one has heard my cry and plea for help. It's punishment time and this time it has gotten worse … "Anita, get the fuck outta here!!!"
He's going to find me, no matter where I hide,he always finds me.
" You dirty slut,this time around you're gonna suffer big time just like your momma did",he laughs cruelly.
Oh lord, I'm so sacred. I thought I would get used to his beatings and treatments but I get scared every time. He screamed suddenly and I sundered and shivered violently. Oh boy, I'm dead this time. Really dead!!!
  I could hear the sound of things banging,things being thrown and finally he left the house… or so I thought. I left my hiding place thinking he has gone only to get right into his hands. He grabbed me by my hair. It was so painful.  He dragged me down to the basement. With my hair… it hurts so bad,I shouted and screamed at him to stop but that only fuelled his cruel and sadistic twisted mind to go on. He enjoys my pain,my scream for help,my tears,my blood. He enjoys anything that gives me pain. I try my best not to give into his tortures but I can't help it. He is a monster I want dead a billion times.
"Please,please, just leave me alone", I begged him and got hit in the face as a response.
" Bitch, shut the fuck up! The only sound I want to hear coming outta your mouth is your shouts of pain as I burn you and whip you." And then he had that horrible smile on his face which had me shuddering violently. He got a thick rope and tied by hands to the back and used the same rope to tie my legs also to the back. He then carried my body and threw me in the middle of the room as he selects his torture tools. He has a whole Lotta stuffs I don't even no its name and I never want to know. He selected a whip which has blades impaled it. I prepared my self for the pain as he raises his hands for the first strike. And then slash the whip lands on my tummy and he drags it up taking blood and skin along with it…
"Haaaaaaaaaaa", I screamed but my screams were useless. " Yes, scream like that hoe,feel that!!!", he laughs sadistically and he continues his administrations.
I screamed and screamed till I couldn't make a   sound anymore. I lay down whimpering in pain. It hurts a lot. It hurts so bad. I'm covered in my blood. I have cuts all over my body. I'm losing a lot of blood. I can feel the darkness beckoning to me. The comfort of that darkness is so inviting. I'll be away from Him and I won't feel anything. I was giving in to the darkness slowly. When he saw that I've lost my fight, I am not screaming or pleading or putting up a fight,  he got bored and decided to stop and go take a break doing whatever shit he does. As he leaves, I slip into the comfort of darkness hoping not to wake up to reality again. 

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