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Sunday, 21 January 2018


 Sex doll Harmony is able to talk and can remember details about her man

Recently trending are the Robot Sex dolls which have suddenly become a huge business. These robots are getting upgraded and sophisticated daily. Invented by Sergei Santos, these urge incarnates have gone socially viral. Although,  the opinion of people differ concerning the Artificial sex creature. We have the criticisers who believe in natural sex by human alone with a peak of satisfaction, and the supporters that believe anything with genitals can satisfy hormones. The supporters are willing to support their claim by calling them sex toys - Sex toys weren't frowned upon. The whole body parts shouldn't be any different.
The sex dolls have been created to principally satisfy urges. However,  we are experiencing strange cases in which some people fall in love with the dolls or even go as far as marrying them.
These dolls come in various shapes, complexion, type , and sizes. There are the female and male sex dolls. The sex dolls are also diverse in features. We have the male sex dolls with chest hairs and ones without, female sex dolls with pregnancy and ones without. Sex doll Harmony is able to talk and remember details about her man
  Sex robot Samantha has sensors in her face, hands, breasts and 'the female genitals down below'

These dolls are said to come with an 800k price tag, which people can purchase for a trial, however these stuffs have their advantages and disadvantages. There is a difference between technology and nature.
On the positive side,these dolls satisfy men in bed, no doubt, because that's what they are made for. They don't get tired,as long as they are well charged.
They are not carriers or transmitters of sexually transmitted diseases nor can they be infected
They can be controlled anyhow wished.
Naturally, they can enhance the sexual performance of a man.
Point being that - they are just for artificial fun.
They don't nag nor do they request for money, though one might have to buy some equipments so as to be able to maintain the doll.
They don't get emotionally attached.
They are not real and hence shouldn't be expected to act like humans
One may be exposed to electric shock if the system fails, while having intercourse with them.
They can never feel like a real human " The taste is the difference, the difference is in the taste." LWKMD
Some men can ignorantly use sexual enhancing pill to do well against the robot, which may cause so many psychological problems for them.  It depends solely on power supply.  People who have gone ahead to marry them are obviously obsessed.  sex dolls are beginning to take over the human race , and its just so sad.
Sex dolls can't have babies, so this might actually be a blessing as it is a form of birth control, but its also a curse because humans are supposed to multiply, God mandated us to.
Wasting of money, If a man can always get a fellow natural woman around to be contented with, and yet purchase a sex doll of nothing less than 800k or more, that wont even exist forever, no matter how meagre the price tag could be in that account, its a wasted fund however.


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