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Saturday, 6 January 2018


This short story is written by Valentina 

i felt his lips on my neck..i saw how bad he wanted me..i moaned and ached my back so he could put his dick deep inside me! I kept moaning his name, the sex was too good!_
"EVA TOFUMI SAMUELS!! WAKE UP!!!" I jumped up and saw my mom "MOMMY IT'S 5:00am na!! LET ME SLEEP!" My mom used belt to wipe my ass..i stood up and ran to the toilet and locked myself "MOMMY I WILL TELL DADDY YOU FLOGGED ME!" "GO AND TELL AM WAITING FOR YOU!" I quickly bath and went downstairs..i saw my mom,she was ready to chase me...well she actually did..we ran for an hour straight then my dad came out "you guys should better rest, Oya Eva go to school"
I hugged my mom and dad then left....the dream i had kept replaying in my head..i suddenly got wet "FUCK..I HAVE TO STOP" as i got to school i sighted my crush (yes he was the one in my dreams) i adjusted myself so he would notice me..i went closer so he could notice me more..he saw me and smiled..i smiled back then he waved..i waved back until the teacher saw me "EVA ANY PROBLEM..WHO ARE YOU WAVING AT?" I nodded and said "NO ONE SIR" "GO BACK TO YOUR CLASS" i frowned and went to my class.. After hours and hours of lectures i heard people i went to check i saw my crush (David) lying flat,looking lifeless..i screamed at the top of my voice and ran to him..
People were like 'where did this ode come out from?'  'Abeg who be this' the teachers carried him away..i just sat there crying my eyes out.. everybody was looking at me,some hissed some ignored.. one girl came to me and gave me tissue to wipe my eyes "you must really like him" i said yes casually.. "my name is toyin am his younger sister" i smiled "hey toyin..i really like your brother..since two years now" she laughed "TWO WHAT!!?..HMM ok..would you like to come to my house after school?, you look nice" i smiled "yes of course,i would like to see him" she hugged me and left.
i followed toyin to her house...her house was huge and pretty fancy... "Make yourself comfortable! Don't be shy to chop anything! Chop freely" i laughed and took the cookies on the table! I saw David coming downstairs with a biology text book.."OH DAVID!!" the cookies fell from my hand...i quickly picked it up and acted like nothing happened, my heart kept beating fast...the dream i had replayed in my brain..i closed my eyes to feel it.."HEY EVA thanks for visiting me" i quickly snapped "I love you That's why i payed you a visit,it's OK to reject ugly as fuck anyway" there was silence in the room..he stared at me..
Wow Eva...i.." i cut him off "I had a dream..about you digging my tight ass" he chuckled "Eva..i like you too..." i cut him off again  "i want you to fuck me like that..make me moan..please" he was surprised "You want me to fuck you?" I sat down and covered my face..he came close to me and lifted my chin "I have been watching you for weeks eva.." i didn't even listen to him..i just put my hands on his dick and touched it..he patted my head and moaned i remouved his trousers and licked my fingers he sat down then i went on my knees and succked his dick he grabbed my hair and moaned..i deep throathed his cock and looked into his eyes "Fuuuuuuck..eva"  i moaned "you like that daddy
He moaned "yea baby..suck it" i loved his got me wet...i felt his knees shaking! "You want me on your cock daddy?" He grabbed my hair and carried me to the couch..he climbed on top of me and opened my skirt..he removed my pant and licked my pussy..i felt pleasure all over me...i moaned and moaned, i grabbed his head and screamed "Oh GoOOOOD..please more" he pulled his trousers and kissed me "YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOU!?" I moaned "yes daddy" he spanked my ass "YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOUR TIGHT PUSSY" i moaned yes papi...he pushed himself inside me.."OOOOH FUCK YEEESS AAARGH!!" he grabbed my ass and went faster..i threw my head back and screamed..i felt his cock going deeper and deeper.
His dick destroyed me..he was a beast...the sex felt so good to the extent i couldn't moan any longer, my mouth was wide open but no moans came out..."DAAAAAVID!!! PLEAAAAASE!! OH GOD PLEASE..AAAAAARRHHM" he squeezed me and fucked with full force..i scratched his back with my nails..he stood up and carried me! Pushed himself in and started fucking me..i couldn't move..i just grabbed his head and moaned in his ears..david Moaned "God!!! Evaaa am gonna cum!" I looked into his eyes and kissed him..he pulled out moaning "cum inside my mouth!" He cummed in my mouth and sat down, shaking... i licked his cum and sat on him..i kissed him and said "Well my dream finally came true"
He smiled and hugged me.. "am glad it did." I kissed him and wore my uniform..i saw his sister going to the kitchen.."I need to go to church after seeing all this nonsense!" I looked at David..we both laughed at her

end of story

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