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Monday, 15 January 2018



Chapter 1 

    I fell into the abyss of darkness. I keep falling and falling. It’s an endless abyss of darkness. A comforting darkness. Free from fear, pain, life, the world and reality. Especially Him!!! The darkness is so peaceful and comforting. I want to stay in the darkness for a long time but I know that I’ll have to wake up soon. It has always been like that. Not long after, I could feel a very bright light on my face. I could hear voices whispering and talking around me. I don’t want to go back into the world now. The light went dark and the voices stopped. I was glad it did. Then, I could hear a singsong honeyed voice whispering to me. The voice was so inviting and comforting. Oh no!!! Can’t I get a break from him??? No, I can’t!!! I’m stuck with him. Forever.
   “Annie, wake up darling”, he said to me. “We miss you, I miss you most especially.” “I need you my baby girl”, he says as he holds my hands and rubs circles with his thumb on my hand. As he touched me I felt my skin crawl and I cringed in my semiconscious state. When he said to me that he misses and needs me, my subconscious said, “He misses you because he has no one to torture for his sick, twisted pleasure. He needs you because he wants to torture you till you’re broken and then doll you up again.” Thinking this, my semiconscious state went into a frenzy wanting to stay in the abyss of darkness. In the real world, I was having a seizure. It was a struggle between light and darkness. Or should I say struggle between evil darkness and comfortable darkness. During the struggle, I could hear voices telling me to not to go into the abyss but to come into the world. Suddenly, everything went black and I was happy to be back in the abyss of darkness. I succeeded in blocking them out.
  “Anita! Anita!! Anita!!! Look at me.” A honeyed voice spoke to me. I was surprised at first. I thought I was the only one in this abyss. Then I realised it was my mother’s voice. I can’t explain how happy I was to hear it. “Mom???” I said in uncertainty. “Yes, it’s me. You have to wake baby girl.” “Mom, NO!!! I don’t want!!!” I said furiously. “You have to Darling.” “But why mom??? Why???” I asked. “You have to fight him, break free from him, take revenge on him for what he did and then live the life you’ve always wanted for your self” She said with a smile. “But do you think that’s possible?” I asked. “You’ll find your will to fight back, just wake up, wake up and wakeup”, the voice continued till it fades away.  And then, my eyes opened. I came back to the world.
  I’m back to deal with this motherfucker!!! I’m Anita and here’s how it all started.

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