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Wednesday, 24 January 2018



She was kissing me as if my mouth na ice cream i wonder wetin enter her head oh wey she just bounce on me like this, i heard my phone ringing and it was Mercy, i know that because i customise her ring tone i wanted to go and pick it but she push me back to the bed and continue kissing me, she stood on top me and remove her clothe oh men the b----t is gorgeous and beautiful just like her, she has a tattoo on her b----t the thing be like snake abi dragon I don’t really know what it is, she bend down and unbuckle my belt she remove my trouser and start sucking me so hard, when my d--k was as hard as rock she remove all my cloths and stood up to remove hers, me just they look her like dead person i nor even fit talk she remove her clothes and took four red rope from her bag na there fear catch me because of the dream.
Me: what are doing?
Ada: relax am just showing appreciation.
Me: with that?
Ada: just yo make it more interesting.
Me: hmmmm (I don watch am for movie before and the s-x they sweet die Cus I don first do am, so qualms make she go ahead)
I wanted to say something again but she cover my mouth with hers and continue kissing me while stroking my d--k also, she use the rope to tie my two hands to the cupboard, and she also tie my two legs with rope also she stay on top me and started f-----g me.
I cant move any part of my body and e be like punishment for me but na im they sweet pass, she fucck me for ten minutes before i release then she faint on top me, I nor know how long I sleep because when I wakeup i nor see Adaeze again no sign of her, but my hands are still tied together i called her three times no answer, then i felt pain on my ribs i look my right hand side and saw blood dripping from my body a hole in my ribs, as i see am na by then i begin they feel the pain i started crying for help, nobody hear me then i forcefully untie the rope though it wasn't easy, i manage to stand up and check myself i saw a heavy hole on my ribs part, i don't understand she think say i don
die? if she wan kill me why she nor just cut my neck. i use cloth tie my waste to stop the blood from coming out, then i took my phone and saw sixty four miss calls all from mercy, i check the time after nine in the night i was surprise how come i slept this long, i saw something like Thursday on my phone, i look well and saw that yes today is Thursday that means i was here for three days, oh my God. I quickly carry my things and run home, i lock her door because i nor know where she go i reach house and carry my first aid box and treat myself, i started thinking what actually happened where is Adaeze and why did she put hole on my ribs this one na confusion oh, i cant sleep and i was thinking about the whole issue till twelve midnight somebody knock on my door and i was shock na who they knock by this time.
Me: who is that?
“is me Adaeze”
i was afraid but i still need to know what really happened so i summon courage and stand up go open door, i was shock like hell when i saw Adaeze and another person standing on my door.
Adaeze: hello dad.
Adanna: hello love.
Me: Oh My God.
The end watch out for.
True love…lust… Ive felt them all, I’ve been torn in between…lost in both worlds…until they collided, Adaeze: Adannas daughter…my daughter resurrected Adanna by using my rib; She now plans to resurrect her dead husband using my weak body, Mercy isn’t here to save me now she was my salvation but now she’s gone. I don’t know how to come out of it. No strength left as both Adaeze and Adanna lock me down with such wickedness in their eyes
Watch out for Adanna3: The Sacrifice


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