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Wednesday, 17 January 2018



Throughout my stay in the hospital Mercy never left my side except if she want to go and buy something, my parents called and i lied to them nothing happen that am okay in school, whats the need of telling them i don't want them to be worried especially my mum wey once she don hear this kind news na toilet first, and beside the bill have already be taken care of so no need telling them, i stay in the hospital for good two weeks before leaving. I was grateful to the person that paid the bills even though she didn't come to visit me so that i will express my gratitude, i pray God will continue to bless her wherever she is. We left the hospital on Friday and everybody in my compound welcome me like family, they all show me love and care and they support me very well, i was glad i have somebody like mercy because if not her hmmm wahala for they oh, early Saturday morning i was sleeping when i heard her receiving a call, she was sad after that call so i engage her to talk.
Me: whats the matter dear?
Mercy: nothing to worry about.
Me: come on tell me, i can sense something is wrong.
Mercy: really? She left what she was doing and jump on top me on my bed “so tell me Mr, since you can sense something is wrong tell me whats bothering me”
Me: i don't know oh, thats why am asking you.
Mercy: hmmm, see your wide mouth.
Me: but my mouth no wide like your own na.
Mercy: taaar, you wey get big mouth like vampire wey wan suck blood.
Me: hmmmm really but your mouth they swallow my own if we they kiss na.
Mercy: really, let me see.
She carry my head and started kissing me very well, she knows how to kiss now you can give me credit for that because am a good teacher lol, the way she they kiss me tell me say she don really miss me and yes i miss her too but not much, i believe we don't have future together because shes too good for me and i don't deserve her, oh well lets see how that goes. I turn her around and remove her clothes completely, i remove mine also and lay on top her kissing her two breasst while she moan and fold her hands around my nech robbing my head like say she they rob me cream, she forward her left hand down my dicck and stroke it hard with her hands, i bend down the haven and open her leg wide, i put spit before burying my mouth inside there, i suck her so well as she rob my head and bend like snake, i locate the c--t of course and continue teasing with my tongue, after some minute and i believe she cant take it anymore she sit up and make me to lay down, she sit on top me andinsert my dicck inside her, oh yeah there don't tight well well, evidence of no s-x since i left, but i cant say the same of me, she put my dicck inside and started going up and down like jangolover, i was enjoying it very well even though we didn't use condom it wont be bad for her to have my baby na abi? “i miss you so much dear”.
Me: i miss you too love.
She continue fuccking me, then later i turn her over and raise her leg up very well, i insert my dicck and she shouted maybe i too insert am, i started fuccking her as she continue shouting, come see as i they wine my waist me wey nor well. We f--k for some time before i explode inside her and fall on her body.
Mercy: you release inside me.
Me: i know.
Mercy: why?
Me: because i love you.
Mercy: how is that a sign that you love me?
Me: because i want to plant a seed inside you.
Mercy: hmmm then be ready for responsibility oh.
Me: Oh yeah i am, even though am not my mum they ready to accept any girl i impregnate.
Mercy: you nor well, so you expect me to go stay village with your mum.
Me: e bad?
Mercy: e nor bad but i nor they comot for my mama house till i marry officially.
Me: okay oh, so please tell me whats bothering you.
Mercy: hmmm you wont be happy.
Me: tell me please don't keep me in suspense.
Mercy: i told you i will try direct entry right?
Me: yes.
Mercy: i have been admitted into school of health in Dumez.
Me: waoh, that's good news (even though i nor happy).
Mercy: yes but i will leave you.
Me: leave me ke, you are going to my state and you are saying you will leave me, but i thought you said you will do it here.
Mercy: yes but i just feel like doing it in Benin.
Me: hmmm that's good, when are you going.
Mercy: next weekend.
Me: like seriously?


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