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Saturday, 27 January 2018



Adaeze: mama (she jumped up from my body)
Adanna: never mind enjoy him as you want after all after we are done with him he will be useless to us.
Me: Adanna why are you doing this to me.
Adanna: silent (i shot up at once).
They lose the rope on my body and walk out, before she left she said “dont go back home, travel to benin from here and kill mercy”.
Me: yes ma lady.
It was as if i was breaking lose but when she look me in the eyes and say that word the madness came again, i walk out of the building and saw my bag containing my phone and wallet with some money inside, i know it the work of Adanna, i dont know where i am and everywhere is bright unlike before when it look like eclipse of the moon, i started walking to nowhere in particular, everywhere surrounded with bush and trees. I was hearing noises afar like market people so i followed that direction till i came out to main road and saw hospital road, Umuojima.
This is the place i followed Adanna to her place last time so i know here very well, i walk to Aba/Owerri Road and enter bus going to Oshishioma, i didnt talk to anybody the only thing rigging on my head is “kill mercy” if i dont kill her my rage wont stop. After Osishioma i enter bus going to Port Harcourt and the way people are looking at me makes me to wonder whats going on, when i look at my clothes i saw bloods and dirts, thats when i realize that they are looking at me because of my dress, i didnt mind them at all my mission is to kill mercy and thats what am going to do exactly, i came down from Port and Enter RTC park, i reach there and they told me that no bus is going to auchi again that am late, i walk out from there and look for another bus , In Water Line Port harcourt there is no Bus you wont see there.
I came out from the filling station and enter the bus of the first agbero that approach me, i payed for the fee and sat at the back with two other people, they are going to Benin straight which i even prefer than Auchi, i look at the time and saw 4:05 pm that means i will reach Benin by 11:00pm in the night and i dont mind at all, i didnt call Mercy that am coming and i dont even know where she base in benin but my instinct just keep on telling me dont worry. We enter road na na arm robber we come go jam
To be continued.

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