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Thursday, 11 January 2018



She removed our clothes while she fucck me softly, winning her waist on top me like snake, after the s-x we slept for 2hours,
i woke up and start thinking how i got here, since i met this girl mysterious things have been happening, strange strange things, not to mention the fact that small children were playing ball on the road in the night, i wonder which light them they take see, oh she said is an illusion, what is illusion, how am i even sure that these house too is not an illusion too, hmmm i remove the chain from my neck, but everything still remain the same, except that i saw a bright light from one corner of the room, i went there and i saw a secret door, i open the door and before me, i saw beautiful room with red carpet, at the middle i saw two coffee and the wall i saw a mighty mirror, i went to the mirror i didn't see anything except myself, i open the first coffin it was empty also with the second one, what are those coffin met for i thought, i look around i saw a small white ball, not actually ball i don't know what to call it (if you have watch the movie unfaithful, the gift that woman gave to her f----r, bought for her by her husband, that's how it look like) i look so cloudy, i look inside and i saw nothing except for the cloud, i look at the coffin again, i look at the mirror and i look at the ball, everything look mysterious to me i don't understand any of it, then i heard from my back.
Adanna. Put the chain on.
Me: what? ( i was shock didn't know she was standing there)
adanna: i said put the chain on. ( she repeated)
me: why?
Adanna: if you want to know whats going on then put the chain on.
I put on the chain.
Adanna: okay now look at the mirror again.
I look at the mirror and i saw that woman from the other mysterious house turning water, the water look blacking and hot, but vapours are emanating from the water,
adanna: now look at the coffin ( she said.
Me: i look the first one and i saw Adanna sleeping or dead i don't know, i open the second one and i saw myself, i was shock.
Me: whats going on?
Adanna: transformation my dear.
I look up and i saw something like smoke, emanating from both the coffin and going where,? I thought.
I look very well and i saw the smoke like substance emanating from the coffin and going inside the ball.
if you guys don't know, my lover just told me i have 14 days more to live, while my ex lover also told me i also have 14 days to live, my lover told me to sacrifice my soul so that we will forever and i agree, while my ex lover told me to come to crusade so that her general overseer of lord’s chosen charismatic revival hour will heal me and bind that spirit disturbing my life, well if i don't go withing 14 days, my soul will be lost to the devil, while if i go my soul will live on, and my love told me that if i sacrifice my soul, me and she will live together till eternity, waoh what a twist of fate, how did i even find myself in this kind of situation, i have fucck with devil before that was when i finish my secondary school and i needed to make money fast fast and by so doing i join the yahoo yahoo crew, thinking that is all about me and my laptop didnt know it also require sacrifice, (my next story). Chai i don really suffer for this live, well every man with his or her own destiny, its either we control our destiny by our self or let another person control it, as for me, who is controlling my own destiny now, is it me or adanna? Well i will leave it for the readers to answer.
Sunday pass and Monday came, 13 days remaining for my death, 12 days remaining for the crusade, i woke up early, cook indomie and eat, i took my bath, wear my clothes and my chain, i set out to school.
We have 9 colour codes of resistor, we also have the multiplier and the tolerance, i thought you those things last week, so today is revision, who can name the colour codes of resistor?
Come see as everybody dey raise their hand up, me i be know am oh but my mind no they class.
Lecturer: Ozes
me wey i sit down for back to reason my live, you dey disturb me.
Lecturer: is ozila not in this class.
He is sir, i said standing up, tell us the colour code of resistor, come see as 156 student eye begin they look me, omo i don forget oh, i nor remember am again,.
I look front and i saw blessing whispering to me “roygbiv” she will point at herself twice and whisper roygbiv, then i remember “BBROYGBVGW”
lecturer: ozila we are waiting for you.
Me: okay sir, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey and White.
He look at me very well then say.
“where do you get that necklace from”
me: from my friend.
Lecturer: bring it here.


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