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Saturday, 13 January 2018



I lie on top her and press her nice boobs, very succulent (don't know d meaning, but i guess you do) i kiss the boob through her bra and she let out a soft moan, i remove her shirt completely, remove the bra, na this kind of her b----t na im guys go see and put hand for head and shout ogbono feli feli, i buried my face in her b----t and start sucking the daylight out of it, i suck and suck and suck, while she moan and moan and moan, i move her up, i gave her a resounding kiss on her lips, she target my dicck and start stroking with her hand while still kissing me, she remove my shot turn me over like phyno taking over you, she bend down to my dicck and start sucking like a new born baby sucking her mother’s b----t, she succk my c--k very hard that i open my mouth and savor the pleasure like a trap set for rat, assuming na outside we dey i tell you guys many flies for enter my mouth, after she don suck me for 5minutes, i pour am for her face puaaaarrr, like that gun wey that boaz they use for hard target, she lick the sperm as if its delicious, then she start sucking me again, and my dicck start reponding immediately ( na that wine cause am or so i thought) after my d--k don rise and stand like aso rock, i turn her ova and stand sucking her p---y, she wine her a-s as i suck her very hard, if i put my tongue for one side, she go moan loud and shift her a-s backward, na there i know say na the c--t be that, so i hold her a-s closer while i suck the fuccking pussi concentrating on the c--t, na so she dey moan loud, after sometime, she said i should come ontop her, so i position her like iturbo and lay on top her, i insert my d--k, hmmm very slippery, she don release tire, i start thrusting, i fucck her for 10minutes she release, hold her pussi covering it for me, then i releease her hand and go in again, na so the t----t dey make sound “kpa kpa kpa” like slap, lol, so after 15minutes or so, i release, come see as everywhere they watery.
I look at my shelf to carry tissue, om no tissue, i forget say my tissue don finish, chai, na wetin i go use clean ourself now, then i look ontop bed and saw my handkie.
I took the handkie and use it to clean my d--k very well, i turn adanna around and use the handkie to clean her private part also, she didnt know which handkie i use, then i lay ontop bed holding her, with both of us still naked, time 9:00pm in the night, nepa brought light and everywhere is bright as if na moon they shine inside my room, she stood up to off the light, she walk to the circuit breaker, as she want to off the switch, she pause, she turn around and look at me, covering her pussi from me, then she ask.
Adanna: what did you use to clean my pussi? She said faintly as if something is hurting her.
Me: i use the handkie.
Adanna: why why oziegbe.
Me: my tissue has finish and i don't have anything else to use, any problem.
Adanna: give me water ( she manage to say as she bend down on the floor.
I stood up and immediately fetch water for her, as i was about to give her the water, something stroke my head like thunder, the cup fell and my head start boiling,
me: fire oh fire oh my body is boiling.
I faint on the ground rolling on the floor and shouting fire, while adanna manage to stand up, still naked she open the door and walk out of my room staggering, while i faint cus i cant stand the pain in my head.


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