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Monday, 1 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

We were heading to Mami market to have lunch after the skills lecture when Divine drew our attention to the girl who everybody has been talking about.
“Look at the girl that was called up to the stage by Iyanya last night.”
On looking ahead, lo and behold the person I have been unconsciously searching around for in camp ‘PRECIOUS’. It took Shania a little time to process the face.
“That face looks familiar” Shania said turning to me, as we walked closer to her.
“You gats be kidding me. That is Precious.”
My calling her name coincided with our eyes meeting. She stood still shocked. It was just like everything stopped moving before she recovered herself and jumped on me shouting. Everybody was surprised. I steadied myself holding her while she still held unto me. I could see displeasure written all over Shania’s face.
“I must be dreaming” she said disentangling herself from me.
“No you are not, this is me flesh and blood. What are you doing here? Thought it was Abuja you worked your posting to.”
“Yes, I wanted Abuja but it did not work, that’s how I got myself here. I even sent a message to you about it but it seems you never got my message.”
Drawing Shania close, I introduced them.
“This is my babe Shania, Divine our friend and Yusuf my bunk mate. And this is my very good friend Precious.”
“Hey! Just like that? Just a very good friend?” she said with smile.
She exchanged greetings with my friends and introduced her own friends to us, telling them that I was his son in school and a sentence she didn’t complete. The whole drama wasn’t going down well with Shania, but she kept a smiling face. Precious excused her friends to go on ahead that she will meet with them later while she joined us back to Mami.
We placed our orders at the cafe as we settled in one of the empty tables. While we waited to be served, Precious was all over me.
“Look at you, what have you been eating?” she asked.
“Same thing you have been eating. Heard you are now the reigning celebrity in this place.”
“Celebrity ko, don’t mind that guy.”
“Heard he gave you his necklace, let me see.”
She sighed “I gave it to one of my friends. Do I look like a celebrity freak? Can you imagine when I left the stage, one of his guys accosted me and told me to drop my contact that they will need to contact me after camp.”
“Maybe they want to add you to one of their vixens.” I said laughing.
“I nearly pushed him off my way. He thought I’m one of those little girls they entice with all those shitty stuffs.”
I have heard how some celebrities call some girls out during their shows to give out one of their accessories only to take their contact and later sleep with them. Though I didn’t believe it then, but Precious just confirmed it.
“So you don’t want to have something to do with a celebrity? You don miss o.”
She looked at me and rolled her eyes feigning angry. The both of us kept talking till our food was served. After we ate, I bought a take away for Purity and handed to her sister before we left. Shania wasn’t happy with what was going on between Precious and I but did well to hide it.
We parted ways later, while I left with Yusuf, the girls left for their hostel. We had barely walked to our hostel when Shania called me to meet her at the Pavilion. I excused myself and told Yusuf to go on.
“Did you know she was coming to this place?” Shania asked as I sat beside her.
“No, I didn’t. I’m surprised to see her here just like you.”
“But she said that she sent you a message or something.”
“Babe believe me, I didn’t know she was coming to Akwa-Ibom. Back in school, after we agreed to work our service to Lagos, I told her that I will be working mine to Akwa-Ibom because I didn’t want her to know where I intend going. She in turn told me that she will work hers to Abuja and that was it. Seeing her here was something I never expected and for the so called message she said she sent to me, believe me, I never got any message from her.”
“Ok, I just hope nothing is going to start off between you guys again.”
“C’mon, didn’t I introduce you to her as my girlfriend?”
“You know little about girls. When they want you, some of them don’t mind if you are married so introducing me to her as your girlfriend doesn’t stop her from trying to re-ignite what you guys had back then in school. I’m just telling you beforehand to be careful with her.”
“Nothing is ever going to happen between Precious and I again, I promise you that.”
“Ok, that aside. I don’t like the fact that you keep buying food for Purity even when her own twin sis doesn’t care. If she can’t come with us to eat, then let her stay. I know you are just trying to be nice but babe please it makes me feel somehow at times.”
“Ok, I don’t really know what is wrong with her. Earlier today before the SAED lecture, I went to talk to her to know what is wrong but she ignored and walked out on me.”
“Don’t worry, I will talk to her sister. But just stop it with all those niceties, if she is being rude to you, just mind your own business.”
“Yes ma’am.” I surrendered with a salute.
She looked around us and just in a flash, she gave me a kiss and stood up. We left the Pavilion and went back to our different hostel.
To Be Continued…

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