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Monday, 1 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

The clarion woke me from my nap for the evening parade. Owing to the election that was to be conducted after the parade, I had already made up my mind not to go for the evening parade, at least they won’t vote in someone they did not see.
As everybody was heading to the parade ground, I made my way to the camp clinic. A friend of mine in our platoon is a doctor and works in the clinic. When I got to the clinic I asked for him and was told that he was on evening shift. The fair beautiful girl asked if I needed anything that she could assist me with. My plan was just to come and tell my friend to assign me to a bed which I will occupy pending when the election will be over. I decided to lay my cards down for the girl.
“Actually I just want to rest here for a while till the parade is over.” I said bringing out my charms.
“Are you tired already when we still have two weeks and some days to spend here?”
“It’s not really like I’m tired already. Yes, tired a little, but I am also trying to avoid something.”
“I am running away from the election in my platoon. I don’t want to be elected into any post.”
She looked me over, “how sure are you that they are going to elect you?”
“You won’t understand dear, if I am there, they will definitely elect me.”
“Which platoon are you in?” she asked.
“Wait, are you not the guy that leads your platoon during parade?”
“Now you know why I’m looking for a place to hide.”
“It’s already like you are the platoon leader, so why running? You are running away from what others will gladly take with gratitude.”
“Please I don’t need that kind of responsibility. Some other person should take it, thanks.”
We were still talking when a soldier came in. “What are you doing there? He shouted.
I bent my head feigning ill and said nothing.
“He is not feeling fine sir” the girl replied.
“Make he go lie down for bed. You never come dey sick, make sure say you no go die for here, otondo” he said and left.
We laughed when he left. The girl gave me a bed close to her table while we continued gisting.
“Just know that you will take me to Mami for this favor I did you” she said with a smile.
“That one no go be problem. But as someone that is sick, you are supposed to give me even if it is vitamin C, so that the claim will be legit.”
“So I have given you bed now and you are asking for vitamin C? It’s Chloroquin that I will give you.”
“Thank you, I don’t need it anymore. By the way, I’m Purity.”
“Which platoon?”
“So we are even platoon neighbors?”
“Which school did you graduate from?”
“Wow, I graduated from UNN. Anyways nice meeting you.”
After the parade, I took her contact and thanked her before leaving for my hostel. I was barely inside the hostel when Purity called me.
“What’s up?” I said into the phone. I could hear the noise, so I suspected she was still in the parade ground and possibly in our platoon.
“Where are you?”
“I just left the camp clinic, not feeling too fine.”
“What is wrong with you? Our commander is asking for you, lemme give him the phone.”
“Where are you?” my commander roared through the phone.
“Sir I think I have malaria, just coming from the clinic and they said I should go and rest.”
“We want to start the election, so before I close my eyes and open am, make sure say you dey here.”
“Sir please, I’m feeling weak all over.”
“You want to try me abi. If I count three and you are not here you go smell your nyash, one!” He thundered and dropped the call.
I sighed and turned back, heading to the parade ground. On sighting me from the parade ground, he ordered me to start frog jumping. I was still reluctant when he started charging towards me. I reluctantly went down and started frog jumping towards him.
When I got to him, he told me to frog jump back to where I started and back again. I couldn’t just see myself doing that. I started pleading with him but he paid deaf ears to my pleas. I turned and started frog jumping back. Half way into it, I laid flat on my tummy and everybody busted out laughing, the commander inclusive.
After laughing, he told me to come back and the election started. I was appointed with one other guy as possible contenders for the platoon leader, Purity and one girl called IJ for vice. After the voting exercise, I won as the platoon leader while the other girl won with just one vote ahead of Purity as the vice. I pleaded with my platoon commander that I didn’t want to be the platoon leader. After several pleading, the other guy was given the leader.
After the election, Purity left as usual without a word while I left for the Mami market with our commander and the elected platoon reps.
Our commander ordered for drinks when we got there. He told me he knew nothing was wrong with me that I was only trying to dodge the election. After the first round of drink, he made to order again but I refused to allow him. I told him that it was my turn. I ordered for two bottles of what everybody was taking and one plate of pepper soup each.
“Shebi you want to intimidate your father abi?” he asked, staring at me while we all laughed.
“No oo, how I go wan intimidate you na, I dey mad?”
We all kept talking and laughing. Shortly after, our commander received a call and left. I caught IJ stealing glances at me, while I was also checking her out. Prior to the election, I couldn’t remember seeing her in our platoon. IJ isn’t someone that can pass as a dashing beauty but what she lost in the face she made up for it in her Bosom and bum. She was very curvy. She has a chocolate skin that shun like a well-polished mahogany. With a gap toothed set of teeth. She has dimples which always appeared whenever she smiled. And her smile is so beautiful.
Throughout our stay, I could count the words she said. While she was paying attention to our discussions, she smiles from her lips to her eyes.
Since our commander wasn’t coming back, we all left together and headed to our different hostels. I stopped at an ice cream joint and bought two cups of ice cream. When I got to the Pavilion, I called Shania to come and meet me.

To Be Continued…

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