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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

The DJ was doing what he knows how to do best as everywhere in the camp was agog with activities. I called Shania when I came out my hostel but she said that she was still preparing to come out. I dialed Precious after I rang off on Shania, she told me that she was with her platoon commander in her room. I had images in my mind immediately she told me that. I asked her about the post ‘runsing’ and she said that everything was intact and going as planned that I shouldn’t worry. I was about dropping the call when she asked if I could come around to her commander’s room. I told her to give me some minutes to be there with her.
After I strafed Precious in her commander’s apartment, I had become friends with the lady. The lady has a very unique character. She picks her words but at the same time can be very jovial. If she is out to make one laugh, she can do that without changing the countenance of her face while you will be rolling on the floor with laughter.
I went to Mami market and bought a bottle of Red Label and three disposable cups and headed to the army quarters. I knocked on getting to the room and her commander answered from inside telling me to push the door and enter.
“Wow!! It seems you are ready for the party” Precious said as I entered the room.
Raising the bottle and cups up I replied “as you can see.”
I greeted the female soldier and sat on the seat close to the table.
“Let’s get the party started” I said pouring the drink into the cups after which I handed a cup to each of them and relaxed back on the seat with mine.
We started drinking and talking about different issues. Suddenly there was noise outside the army quarters. It sounded like some people were fighting. Dropping her cup on the floor, the army lady stood up, picked her keys from the table and left. I heard the lock click as she closed the door behind her.
Dropping my cup on the table, I walked down to Precious and pushed her gently to the bed. I pulled off her top and unhooked her bra and without any preamble I feasted on her Bosom. I knew we had limited time so I needed us to wrap things up as soon as possible to beat time.
To Be Continued…

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