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Thursday, 11 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

After a while on her Bosom, I turned her around and pushing her shorts down to her knee, I shifted her g-string aside and slotted in my Joystick. I started pounding as fast as I could immediately. After a while she started pushing her waist back meeting my thrust half way. Within some minutes, I felt it coming and kept thrusting ferociously. Some more thrusts had me exploding deep into her. I held unto her waist as I emptied my contents into her after which we went to the bathroom and cleaned up immediately.
Our coming out from the bathroom coincided with the commander’s knock on the door. Precious answered giving her the go ahead to come in. she came in and tilted her nose as if trying to detect the smell of something.
“This place smells funny, what did you guys do here?” she asked smiling.
“Nothing, we have just been drinking o, just drinking.” I replied laughing.
“So this is what you people have converted my room into abi? No wonder I am always having sleepless night of recent.”
“Ah! Ah! Na, we didn’t do anything. Wetin dey happen for outside?” I asked diverting the topic.
“Na two idiots fighting over a girl. They started it from Mami market down to this place, but they’re seeing the repercussion now.”
“Wetin happen?” Precious asked.
“When una go outside una go see with una eyes.”
I left with Precious later and we headed to the parade ground. Things were hitting up already as the camp fire has been ignited and people could be seen dancing around the fire. I led her as we located some empty seats and occupied it. It wasn’t long we settled that Shania called. When I told Precious that it was Shania that called and that I was going to get her, she stood up and told me that she wouldn’t want to meet her and left.
I went behind the Pavilion and met Shania with the twin. We walked back to where I had secured the seats.
Since Yusuf met Saidat, he has practically been hanging out with her alone having little time for us so I didn’t bother calling him. We hardly see each other, if not in the hostel.
I had the remaining content of the Red Label that I bought with me so we all shared it. Purity was always stealing glances at me smiling. It got to the extent that Shania and Divine noticed and asked her why she was behaving funny.
She had no answers for them as the continued trying to act like she was under the influence of alcohol already. I know why she was acting that way and she knows i do. Since it was just something between us, she made others lost to it.
The party progressed till suddenly the crowd went wide. I stood up to know what was happening, behold Tuface mounting the stage. As he got up the stage his hit song ‘Ihe n’eme’ rented the air. I couldn’t withstand it so I started dancing just like every other person.
We were already tipsy from the alcohol so we were just introducing different dance steps. I got tired of dancing and sat back down while the girls kept on dancing.
Shania turned to me and closing my legs she started giving me lap dance while the other girls laughed. When she got tired leaving my Joystick gorged, Purity with no announcement came on. Hers was more Sexual arousing as she clung to my head while rolling her waist on my Joystick.
Shania seemed like she looked cool with it but I knew she wasn’t. After she rocked my Joystick for a while she whispered into my ears to follow her out if she walks out. She got off me afterwards and went back dancing with others.
In other not to arouse Shania’s suspicion, I stood up and told her that I need to go and ease myself leaving before Purity. Shortly after I left, Purity came out, looking around for me. I called out to her and she came to me.
“Hey! What’s ……” I couldn’t finish what I had to say when she attacked my lips with hers. I was amazed and couldn’t respond for a while. Her lips pressed tight to mine giving me no space to move my mouth. Gently, I held her head and started reciprocating the kiss. She probed my mouth with her tongue as if searching for something there in. We kissed for a while before I broke off from the kiss and looked into her face. She had her eyes closed, maybe afraid of looking at my face.
“Purity can we go somewhere?” she asked her eyes still closed.
“Somewhere like?” I asked back.
“Just take me somewhere, anywhere.”
I understood what she meant by that but I wasn’t ready for that. If not for anything, the fact that we were still together with Shania, made me not ready to do it.
“Purity look at me” I started. “We can’t do this now. They are expecting us back soon and might suspect something if we stay out too long. Why don’t we leave this till we get out of camp?”
She opened her eyes, looked at me and nodded. I told her to go back first while I will follow suit later.
The party progressed till Tuface left around 2am, before people started departing to their hostels. As the girls left for their hostel, I left for mine too.
The light was off in my hostel when I got there which was very unusual. I slipped out my phone and switched on the flash light. Few bunks to mine, I started hearing funny sounds. I could make out a female voice trying hard to stifle her moans while the bunk kept squeaking. I switched off the light and walked towards the sound. I couldn’t believe my ears as I got close enough to my bunk, behold the noise was coming from my bed. I contemplated on what to do and decided not to disturb whoever it is that was having it all in my bed.
I walked back slowly only to noticed that the squeaky noise wasn’t just coming from my bunk alone. The sound was also coming from four different angles. I guess one of them couldn’t take it anymore as the girl cried out in pleasurable pain. The guy tried to hush her but the girl wasn’t taking any of it as her moans became very audible. I tried the much I could not to burst into a fest of laughter as I laid on another bunk waiting for Yusuf or who ever it was to finish from my corner.
I was focused on my phone when suddenly someone switched on the light. I heard scuffles as those indulging in the act of ‘kpanshing’ tried to reposition. The light coincided with Yusuf walking towards the door with Saidat. They looked shocked when the light came on which made them stand still at their position. When they found out that it was another corper that turned on the light, they walked on.
“Guy since when have you been doing this?” I asked hailing Yusuf when he came back.
“Omo today na the first time o.”
“Guy you get liver o. Wetin you go call this one na?”
“Na good bye S£x be this one o.” he replied looking away.
“Why na? Abi una no go meet outside here?” I asked.
“She redeployed to lagos.”
“Why na?” I pressed on.
Yusuf’s mood had suddenly changed. I could see how he was trying to avoid the tears which had gathered in his eyes from streaming down. He pulled the edge of his bed sheet and dabbed his eyes.
“She is engaged to someone” he blurted out after what seemed like a life time.
“What? How, when?” I asked shocked.
“I just got to know some minutes ago. She never told me until now. She told me to forget about her that after tomorrow we are never going to see again. She said that I should delete her number because nothing can happen between us that she is engaged to someone.”
I looked at him pitifully and laid back on the bed not saying anything. I was lost as to what to tell him. His action shows that he has come to love the girl and maybe was dreaming of a future with the girl. I remembered that I had a bottle of Mc Dowels inside my bag which I know is what he needed that moment.
Pulling out my bag, I unzipped it and brought out the bottle. I took a gulp and handed the bottle to him. He collected it and also took two long gulps from the bottle. We both sat together taking gulp after gulp from the bottle till it finished before he laid on my bed while I climbed up to his and we slept off.
To Be Continued…

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