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Friday, 12 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel...
“Don’t worry, I will pay him back when I get home.”
“What the heck is don’t worry, do I look worried? Just give me the damn name.”
“Shania listen to me” I said sitting up from the bed. “Just let it go. I am going to handle it.”
She looked at me for a moment before saying “Is it from her?”
“Yes” I know who she was referring to, so I needn’t play dumb.
“So you had to go to her instead of coming to your own girlfriend. What the fuc.k is this relationship. You keep running back to your ex-girlfriend, is this how we are going to grow? Do you need me to get the hell out of the way so that you guys can continue?” she said fuming with anger.
“Come on, why saying all these, is it because I told you it’s from her?”
“And so bleeping what? Would you have lied to me?”
“I am sorry, but I got it from her because I know I can be able to pay her back.”
“Tell me more. You and I know that there is no way in this world that you are paying her back, so spare me that sh.itty story.”
“Believe me, I am going to pay her back.”
“Fine then let’s do it now. Give me her account details let me send her back the money now.”
“I don’t have her account details now, will contact her later for it.”
“No there is no later here. It’s here and now.”
I was getting pissed with the way she was going about the issue like it’s some big deal.
“What’s the meaning of that? Are you commanding me now?”
“Does it sound like a command to you? Sorry if that is the way it sounds but I want us to get this thing settle right now.”
I placed a call to Precious and after the pleasantries, I requested for her account details. She told me that if it’s about the money that I should forget about it that she didn’t give it to me for me to pay back. When I pressed on, she realized that something was wrong and sent her account details before dropping the call.
I dropped the details with Shania and picking my singlet I headed out of the room. I went to their sitting room and met Tonia seeing a movie and joined her after we exchanged pleasantries. It wasn’t up to ten minutes I came to the sitting that I got an alert, hundred thousand was transferred to me from Precious. After the alert came a message, ‘don’t tell her again this time.’ I deleted the messages and took my attention back to the movie.
Later in the night, we settled our beef with another round of hot s.ex and the next morning, I left for my state.
To Be Continued…

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