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Sunday, 14 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
“Sorry, I need to finish with this.” She said with a smile.
“No problem ma.”
After some more minutes, she shifted the laptop aside and picked my deployment letter.
“Ok, so how are you?” she asked smiling looking at me.
“I am fine ma” I replied avoiding her gaze.
“Where are you from?”
“Enugu state.”
“Wow! Enugu State? Which part exactly?”
“Really? I got my first degree from UNN, a very nice place.”
“I also graduated from there.”
“Really? So you are a super lion?”
“Yes ma.”
“That’s good. Which course did you study?”
“Political Science ma.”
“Ha! The trouble makers. Hope you are not a trouble maker.” She went down the memory lane telling me how political science department was hated during their days in schools because they always have the tendency of making troubles. She ended her story by asking me, “What will a political scientist be doing in a polytechnic? Can you teach any management course?”
“Yes, I can in as much as it relates to my field. Apart from that I can still do some administrative work.”
We were still talking when she got a message. After reading through the message, she pulled her laptop back and pressed some keys.
“Are you good with computers?” she asked still focused on the laptop.
“Yes, though not an expert.”
“There is something I have been having problems with.” I went around her table to get a view of the problem. “I have been trying to send a document to one organization but it has been proving difficult and now they are on my neck.”
I asked for her mail and opened it. The document was too large to be attached. I minimized the page and went back to the original document. I reduced the document and made it smaller to be able to be attached. Going back to her mail, I attached the file and did some other necessary things before sending the file to the organization through their mail.
“It’s done.” I said walking around back to my seat.
“Are you sure? Just like that?”
“Yes the file was big so I reduced the size.”
I was still explain to her when she got a message. After reading the message. She smiled.
“I just got a message from them, they have received it. It seems I will need you around here.”
I smiled but said nothing.
“Have you settled down?” she asked.
“No, still trying to. I just found a house.”
“Ok, then take your time and settle down. Resume when you are settled, by then I would have made a provision for where you will stay.”
“Ok, thank you ma.”
Before I left, she gave me one thousand naira to have lunch with and I left after thanking her.
I met the secretary typing away on the computer when I came out.
“Seems you are busy?”
“Yea, kinda.”
“Ok I have to go. See you when I resume.”
“Ok, have a nice day.”
“You too, and what’s the name?”
“Ok Constance, see ya.”
As I came out from my department, I called IJ. I needed to go to the Local Government to finish up with my clearance. I collected her key to get the documents which I needed in other to clear with the LG.
I got to the Council as they called it and commenced with my clearance. It took longer than I expected as there were lots of people waiting to be attended to. Finally I was able to finish around 5:30 pm before leaving for home.
The painter had finished painting my room when I came back and he did a very nice work. IJ had already made noodles and was waiting for me to come back. I asked for her permission to use her bathroom since mine still had new paints.
After I showered and changed, we ate the noodles and relaxed back to gist. A while later, I told her to dress up so that we could take a walk around and maybe have a couple of drinks.
In the course of our walking around, we saw a cool pub and headed in. Chicken is a common thing sold in Akwa-Ibom, so we had bought some before we got to the pub. After we had some drinks with the chicken, we left, back to our lodge.
She left for the bathroom when we came back while I laid on the bed chatting with Shania and some other people. Suddenly Purity’s message popped in.
“Hhehehehehe, so na like this e go dey dey?”
“Wetin happen?” I asked.
“Your head. So naso you dey take forget person?”
“Who tell you say I forget you. I just came back yesterday and has just been trying to settle down. How are you?”
“I’m fine o. Have you finished with your clearance?”
“Yea I finished today. You nko?”
“I finished last week.”
“You didn’t travel?”
“No I didn’t, had to use that time to search for an apartment.”
“Have you seen?”
“Yea. I have packed in already.”
“Ok that’s good. I just got mine painted today. Will be doing the other stuffs tomorrow.”
I was still chatting when IJ came out from the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her body. My gaze immediately got glued to her body. She had a crazy hot body. I managed to drag my eyes off her body before she would catch me staring. Picking her night gown from her wardrobe, she went back into the bathroom. When she came out again dressed in her nightie, I shifted down to the tiled floor with my head resting on the bed while she laid at the end of the bed.
We discussed late into the night while I was still chatting with my friends, before she slept off. I said my prayers afterwards before sleeping off on the floor.
I woke up to the rain falling heavily. I went to the bathroom to ease myself. On coming back, I met IJ awake. She was trying to cover herself with the duvet on the bed. I returned to my position on the floor and culled up like a crab because of the cold.
“You will get cold easily that way, come to the bed.” She said propping herself from the bed.
“No don’t worry, I will be fine.”
“I insist or are you afraid of joining me on the bed?”
“Come on, why should I be afraid of joining you on the bed?”
“Then come on already, don’t make me come down and drag you” she said and laid back on the bed.
I got up and joined her on the bed covering myself with the duvet also. We had our backs turned to each other. It was raining heavily and nothing can be as soothing to me as the sound of the rain on the zinc. I slept off again before I could say jack.
The roar of a great thunder jolted me up from the dream world. I stirred only to notice IJ snuggled into me. Picking my phone from the foot of the bed, I checked the time. It was already 7am and it was still raining heavily. I quietly laid back to the bed in other not to disturb her and threw my hand around her as she purred and snuggled closer.
I must have had some couple of hours sleep as I woke up to meet her already up and working out. We said the good mornings while she continued with her workout. I carried myself together with my morning stiffy leading the way into the bathroom to offload my bladder. Done with that, I came out and dived back to the bed watching her do her thing. It had stopped raining heavily and was drizzling. After watching her for a while, I came down, pulled off my vest and started my own round of workout. I first of all did 50 press up and 40 sit ups.
We almost used one hour working out which left us completely used up by the time we decided to stop. When I left to freshen up, she went to the kitchen to fix something for breakfast. I came out and met fried egg and bread with tea. While I changed, she went to shower too.
It had stopped raining by the time we were done with breakfast. I told her of my plans to go the market and get some things and she obliged to follow me since I didn’t know anywhere in the market.
To Be Continued…

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