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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

When I couldn’t take the heat going down on my groin anymore, I tugged at her leggings, pulling it with her pant down to her foot as she kicked them off. Parting her laps, I took down my head and lased the length of her dripping sli.t with my tongue. She screamed out loud as I repeated this a couple of times before guiding my into her gently. She was going bunkers when I started pounding into her holies. Each trust was greeted with a scream that reverberated through the walls of my room. Pulling off from her after some minutes, I carried her up as she clung to my neck wrapping her legs around my waist as I pierced her once more from that position. My legs got shaky after some time which made me to get her backed up to the wall for support still ramming into her.
I hadn’t expected to last longer but my Pour was in no way coming. When I noticed she was becoming uncomfortable on the wall, I brought her down and told her to take the position that best suits her for that moment. She bent down fully holding unto her foot and told me to tear off her I moved back a bit to savour the sight of her from that position. It was an enchantment to behold. Moving back to her, I rubbed my d.ick head down to her butt crack and slid into her cu.nt. She screamed out again and staggered which made me hold unto her waist to steady her. I started again pumping into her slowly before gathering momentum. Aside her screaming, the clash of our flesh produced a sound which could be heard from beyond my door.
I kept ramming into her from that angle till I felt my Pour gathering. I tried the much I could to withhold it for a little longer but couldn’t do it. I gave in few more thrusts before my knees buckled and I started pouring my jizz into her.
After I had offloaded into her, I carried her back to the bed and parting her legs, I feasted on her which was dripping out my Pour mixed with her wet which now seemed whitish. I knew what I went down to do, so I wasted no time in taking her into my mouth. All these while she was moaning and brooding like someone possessed as I ate her up like groceries. I had sucked on her a little moment before she pushed down my head and yelled out. Just then she came gushing out. I pulled free and laid on her as she wrapped her hands tight around me brooding heavily.
It had taken a little longer than I expected for her to recover from her orgasm. I stayed put on her caressing her hair till she got herself back. We kissed more before going to wash off after which she slept off. While I picked my phone and pressed away.
To Be Continued…

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