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Thursday, 18 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

She had her eyes fixed on her laptop when I entered her office.
“Excuse me ma, you asked for me?”
“Yes boy, have a seat.”
“Thank you” I said and settled on the seat opposite hers.
“Constance told me that you are through with the work I left for you yesterday.” She said more like a question.
“Yes ma.”
“Ok, get your laptop let me look through it.”
“Why didn’t she just ask that I come with the laptop instead of allowing me to come in and then sending me back for it” I said in my mind.
I left and brought my laptop. She shifted her own while I placed mine before her. I sat and watched as she read through the work pressing some keys intermittently. When she was through, she wrote down an email address and hers and told me to send the work to the first email address through her own mail. She gave me her personal password to the school Wi-Fi.
I left with my laptop and the piece of paper. After I sent the mail, I flexed the Wi-Fi a little before switching over to continue with the story I was writing (Campus Dilemma). I also used her password to the Wi-Fi to update everything that needed to be updated on my phone.
“What are you typing?” Constance asked coming around to my table.
“A story kinda.”
“You are writing a story?” she asked surprised.
“Yea, not really like a normal story. More like a life story which contains more of mature contents and is for 21+ .”
“Woow!! I like mature stories.” she said with eyes lit up.
“Hey thought you said you have your hands filled?”
“Are you my boss?” she fired by. “I will like to read it when you are done.”
“Na book store you go buy, no be me go give.” I said laughing.
“Then get ready because I’m going to steal it.”
“And what makes you think that I am leaving this office today without getting this system secured with a password. Don’t kid yourself I’m locking it already.”
“Hey! No one is allowed to lock office computers with personal password.”
“I’m not no one, I am Purity.”
She got tired of trying to persuade me and went back to her seat but not after telling me that she must get the story by hook or crook. I wished her good luck and continued typing on. I was still typing when Shania called. We talked for a while after which she still apologised for the previous day before the call went dead. Constance cleared her throat loudly after the call but said nothing. I chucked and also said nothing to her.
To Be Continued…

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