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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

 After evening parade, everybody is given the freedom to do anything, either going to Mami or playing games or engaging in other camp activities. From 8pm till 10pm movies are played in the Pavilion for people who are interested.
Some minutes later, Shania came and sat beside me. I handed over one cup of the ice cream to her while we sat watching people moving around. We kept discussing random issues till around 8pm when the movie started. Immediately the movies started, the lights around the Pavilion went off in other to increase the brightness of the projector screen. The movie for the evening was ‘Legend of Hercules’.
Most people viewing the movie were seated at the front which left Shania, I, two other guys and a girl at the back row. Shortly into the movie, I pulled her closer and told her to adjust her shorts down a little. She looked at me, with a naughty smile on her face before looking around. She adjusted and pulled down her shorts creating a little space for my hand to enter into her holies. Dipping in my hand, while she kept her gaze at the screen like nothing was happening, I pushed her g-string aside and started teasing her virg. I could feel her cunt producing liquids while I kept teasing her clit which was protruded already.
I noticed how hard it was for her trying to stifle her moan with me making it harder for her. After a while, she closed her laps tight on my finger and threw her head back. Immediately I felt a little rush of warm liquids in my fingers and smiled.
“If we keep up with this we might end up being decamped” she said when she recovered herself.
“So long as we would get decamped together, then it’s no problem.”
“You are not serious” she said and kissed me.
She leaned on me after pulling her shorts up as we continued with the movie. It wasn’t long before she started feeling sleepy on my shoulder. I led her to her hostel before departing for mine.
After I had my bath, I settled on my bed fiddling with my phone. Yusuf was far gone into the dream world as well as other guys around my corner. Some were still out either in Mami, Pavilion or in a corner with some girls.
I sent a couple of whatsapp message to Shania, but she didn’t reply I suspected that she must have slept off. I clicked on Precious and saw that she was still online and decided to chat her up.
“Hey it’s past your bed time already.”
“Hey son, what are still up doing?”
“Waiting for mum to sleep.”
“So you can sneak out to meet your girlfriend, right?” she sent with a smiley.
I sent the ‘shy’ smiley before sending “No mum I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“Hey shut up and go to bed. Mum is not sleeping any time soon so your hopes are dashed.”
“Bully of a mother” I sent with a straight face smiley.
“That’s why you love me” she sent with a ‘lol’ smiley.
We goofed around for a while teasing each other, before I decided to switch over.
“How are you enjoying camp, miss celebrity?”
“Hmm!! Well what can I say, it has been a little fun sha. But why didn’t you tell me that you got Akwa-Ibom after I sent you a message?”
“I don’t know how I lost all my contacts, it was only few days back that I remembered that I backed up my contacts with MTN so I had to contact them to retrieve them.”
“You still don’t know how to lie sweetheart. Were you trying to cut ties with me?”
“Why would you say that?”
“Come on that is what it seemed like. I called you several times after graduation but you never answered or replied my missed calls. All the messages I kept sending to you all showed delivered but I never got a reply. What does it look like to you?”
“Precious come on.”
“What is come on? We are not kids. Even if you didn’t want the friendship anymore you should have been mature enough to come out clean with me but instead you decided to do it the childish way by avoiding me. I didn’t expect that kind of act from you.”
“Precious it’s not like I was avoiding you. I don’t think you will understand.”
“Understand what son? That the same girl you told me to the face that you had nothing with is the same girl you are now dating and also in the same state with, is that what you think I won’t understand?”
“Precious………….” I typed but couldn’t continue. I felt like she just cut the ground under my feet. I searched for what to type but couldn’t find the word. Worst being that I started feeling guilty.
“It’s alright. I’m over it now though seeing you seemed to have brought everything back but it’s nothing that I can’t handle, goodnight son.”
I minimised the WhatSapp page, scrolled down to my contacts and placed a call to her. After it rang for the first time unanswered, she picked the second time.
“Precious, I’m sorry……..”
“About what precisely?”
“I don’t know, about everything.”
“Are you sorry about lying to me that you had nothing to do with someone you took home and introduced to your mum and siblings? Or the fact that instead of telling me that you didn’t need me again as a friend, you resorted to avoiding me?”
“I had nothing with her then Precious believe me?”
“I know better than to do that now son. Let me even ask you, did you try making any efforts towards us? Did you even try developing feelings for me?”
I was lost as to what to say. After a while of waiting for me to say something to which I didn’t, she continued.
“Yea right, your silence speaks volumes. I guess I was just that girl you needed around but wasn’t good enough for you to date.”
“Precious can we see? I mean can you come out now?”
“It’s already late son, just go to bed. Good night. Just know that mum holds nothing against you and still loves you” she said and hung up.
I made to re-dial her line again but decided against it before I could press the button. To be thrown emotionally off balance is something I don’t like and now I found myself in that state. She was right, I played it the kids’ way. She had called me several times to which I never answered nor replied. I had thought that by so doing, she will gradually get tired and stop trying to contact me. Just when you needed to start something new and the past surfaces.
Though she sounded very cool but I didn’t fail to notice the hurt behind her voice. Precious is someone I never wanted to hurt but I was just afraid that at some point in the future she will affect what I wanted with Shania. I decided to meet her the following day to talk things over, though a part of my mind was telling me that talking things over with her might be trying to dig up something from the past, but I just need to try and placate her hurts.
Throughout the night, I kept rolling through my mind looking for the suitable story to tell her in other to make her feel better.
To Be Continued…

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