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Saturday, 20 January 2018



A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

I was out to watch Sunday premier league match when IJ came back. She called to inform me about her return. When I got home, I met her catching up with the new girls. They were laughing but when I came in the new girls withdrew while IJ came to hug me. We hugged and she excused herself from the girls while we went into my room together.
“Something smells different here” she had said walking towards my kitchen. “I said it,” she shouted from the kitchen.
“Hey! Just come out from there o.”
She dished out rice and carried it back to the room already eating from the plate. “Ok I give it up to whoever made this stew, she is a pro.”
“Well since you left me to die of hunger, someone who cares came around to help my life out.”
“Oh! Please, you already pre-arranged her coming which coincided with my going out.”
“I didn’t want to die of loneliness so I had asked her to come around.”
“Yea right. By the way just remind me to tell Shania when next she visits.”
“Ok you are free to but just remember to add our …….” I made a sign with my hand to complete what I was saying.
“Hey! Did we do anything? As far as I can remember nothing has happened between us.”
“Are you sure about that or you want a repeat” I said walking towards her. I caught her in time before she could run into the kitchen and locked my lips to her. She still had some grain of rice in her mouth which she tried pushing into mine. I held tight to her, sucking on her lips. She slowly started to loosen herself as I released her from my grip.
We kissed for a few minutes before I broke it off. We stared at each other for a while before she spoke up.
“Dude you are evil, remind me to always stay fifty yards away from you next time.” She said smiling.
I cupped her cheeks and placed another kiss on her lips and without saying a word, I walked into my bathroom with my already engorged Joystick. I know that if I had stayed more around her we would probably end up shag.ging which is what I didn’t want for that moment. I felt her eyes trailing me as I walked into the bathroom.
When I came out she wasn’t in the room anymore and she didn’t tell me before she left. I decided against going to her room for the night. I called Shania and after we talked, I called Precious. We talked at length recounting the escapades of the weekend after which she rang off. I plugged my phone to charge and slept off.
To Be Continued…


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