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Sunday, 21 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
We had gone back to our different sections after we had lunch. The day progressed till close of work and we headed back home. We had barely gotten home when Shania came in. I was inside while she and IJ were outside exchanging pleasantries. When they were done, she came in and we hugged.
“It’s like you were just following us.”
“Same thing IJ said.”
“Welcome and how are you?” I said taking her bag from her as she laid on the bed.
“I’m good. Is it every day that you guys stay at work till four?”
“Yea most times we stay more ‘latter’ than that.”
“Wait something smells funny here,” she said sitting up from the bed. “Did you cook?” she asked working towards the kitchen.
The food never came to my mind, how am I going to tell her that Precious came to the house and also cooked without hell coming down?
“Yea I did” I answered reluctantly.
“You are a fuc.king liar. Who thought you how to cook soup? And this stew smells feminine.”
“How does a stew smell feminine?”
“You better say the truth now that I am still being nice to you. Who cooked this?” she asked walking towards me.
I misunderstood the serious look on her face to mean that she was annoyed. I stayed put and mute looking at her while waiting for her next reaction because I wasn’t going to give her any answer till I know where she will be attacking from so that I can device my defence route.
“You don’t want to talk? OK then just don’t say I didn’t give you the chance to explain” she said walking towards the pot of stew and soup.
I thought she was about to throw them away and waited for that. That would have given me enough points with which to attack her with. She turned unexpectedly and before I could say jack, she have pulled down my shorts and had my dic.k in her mouth. The whole act didn’t take one minute before it happened. She purposefully scratched my Joystick with her teeth which sent a mixed sensation into my brain. She looked up and winked smiling. She scratched it again which had me jerk and tried pulling out from her mouth but she held tight to my waist pulling me closer my dic.k getting enlarged in her mouth.
She pulled me out from her mouth and asked again.
“Who cooked that?”
“Ok fine, it’s IJ. You can ask her.” I confessed falsely.
“Is that what has been so hard for you to say?” she asked smacking my Joystick on her lips. “You should learn to make things a whole lot easier for people. Now look at what you have brought upon yourself. I’m sorry but I can’t stop already because I have started and must finish what I started” she said taking my dic.k back into her mouth.
She started sucking all over again giving me deep throat thrusts at intervals. My knees were bucking following the sensation going into my head. After sucking for a while, she pulled out my Joystick and started giving me a hand job. She made her fingers so tight that each stroke drove me to the edges. She kept stroking me till I was close. She started jerking me off real fast as my seeds came spilling out shot after shot.
After milking me dry, she stood up winked at me and kissed me before walking pass me to the bathroom. After I recovered myself, I followed her into the bathroom, took a leak to clear my urinary track before washing off. She left the bathroom before me, as I dived to the bed exhausted when I came out. She was in the kitchen warming the food while I laid on the bed trying to grab some sleep.
I couldn’t sleep because she didn’t allow me. After she warmed the food, we ate before IJ came in. Before Shania could ask her if she was the person that prepared the food, she was already in the kitchen dishing out food for herself.
“Did he tell you that he cooked the food?” IJ had asked Shania spooning some rice into her mouth while sitting on the floor.
“Yes o. the liar said that he cooked it but I had to apply some measures before he said the truth.”
“So you now plagiarize people’s cooking without giving credit abi?” IJ asked looking at me.
“What are you saying, is it not me that bought most of the things used to cook the food? Is it not in my room that the food was cooked? Or was I not there when the food was being prepared? I even helped in preparing it so is it not as good as to say that I cooked it?
She ‘eyed’ me while Shania cursed me laughing. We all stayed up till late into the night gisting. Around 12am, IJ left for her room while I gave Shania a hot round for a welcome. She also registered her trade mark in the process.
To Be Continued…


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