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Monday, 22 January 2018



A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… Shania left on Wednesday back to her PPA. Before she left, we had talked extensively about us and the future and that gave both of us the peace of mind we needed. Not like we agreed on anything but we bore our mind to each other with all sincerity.
On Thursday after Shania left, we came back from CDS, ate and started seeing some movies. After the movie till 8pm, I was with IJ in her room gisting when the light went off. I had switched on the water pumping machine which was close to the Yoruba girls’ room when the power came on. As I went out to switch it off, close to the window of the girls, I heard them discussing and laughing. The laughter was always loud but the gist was being murmured.
After I turned off the machine, I tiptoed to their window to get the gist behold I was the topic of their discussion.
“The funny thing is that he looks calm but who knows that he is a green snake in green grass. Mere looking at him, you will think that he doesn’t even know wetin them they call tot.o.” one said
“But do you know, I think he is doing IJ. This their closeness no be here,” the one always laughing out loud replied.
“You think, I know he is doing her. Don’t you see they are always in each other’s room?”
“That one self, is it that she doesn’t know that he is doing other girls abi wetin?”
“Wetin concern me? Na my tot.o he dey mess?”
“Mtcheew! some guys ee. They can be something else.”
“But wait, that guy good jare and he dey greedy. See the kind babes he dey carry. I sure say he fit even dey do married women. See how they are always shouting from his room.”
One said something in yoruba which I didn’t understand but whatever she said must have been funny for the other girl to have laughed the way she did. But I guessed whatever she said must have had something to do with my Joystick and the girls next comment confirmed it.
“Don’t you see how it was dangling the other day he came out on boxer. The outline of the thing self don already show say he go huge down that side.”
“Wait so you too observe am that day. I thought I was the only person o. That guy dey craze gan. See as he just carry the thing dey waka like no man’s business.”
“Next time I go draw am paste am for him door.”
“But o na people like that wey I dey like. When they handle you finish, your life no go be the same” one said as they both bursted out laughing.
IJ must have been worried as to why I wasn’t back yet as she came out with her touch light. I tiptoed away from the window and walked towards IJ’s room signalling her to shut up.
“What were you doing there, you got me worried.”
“Don’t mind me jare, I was just catching some gist,” I replied pushing her gently back into the room.
“Aproko, you were eavesdropping on people, it’s not good.”
“Those people were talking about me. Not just about me, about us.”
“About us, what were they saying?”
“Errrr! So now you want to know what they were saying but you just called me aproko?”
“Sorry no vex, what were they saying?”
“Nothing much sha. They were just saying that I straff too much and as your friend you aren’t even advising me.”
She laughed “ Is that why they have been laughing like idiots? People can be stupid sha. What is their business with whether you are straffing too much or not? Maybe they want to have a fair share.”
“Those people sha. They were just there saying lots of shi.t about me.”
“Don’t worry I will warn them tomorrow” she said with all seriousness.
“Hey don’t worry, I can handle them trust me. That thing wey them they find for sokoto, dey go soon find am for shokoto.”
“Let me not just get any of them in your room that is where we will have problems.”
I ignored her comment and diverted the topic. After we talked for a while, we said the good nights as I left for my room.
Friday was uneventful as it went like it came and then weekend set in. I had prepared to visit Purity to know where she stays that Saturday. Before I left, I had asked IJ to go with me but she declined telling me that she had a date with someone.
“You never told me you would be going for a date.”
“Is that a question?” she threw back at me.
“No, no, Just a comment.”
“Good, since it is not a question, I am not going to answer you. So just get out already” she said pushing me playfully out from her room.
“Just remember to bring a take away.” I said behind her.
“Sorry but I am not coming back till Monday.” She replied not looking back.
“Ok then do have a nice weekend and remember to keep me posted let me know that you are safe ok?”
“Yes Daddy.” She answered from her room.
To Be Continued…


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