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Tuesday, 23 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel.
I was about to enter my room when I heard a click on IJ’s door. Just then the light in her room came on while she came out laughing hysterically. I was surprised and just then I realized that she had played a fast one on me. Angry and surprised as to why she would play that kinda game on me, I entered my room and locked the net while she stood by the net laughing and knocking at the same time. I ignored her and was ready to do that till the following day as I turned off the light and called it a night thinking that she will get tired and leave.
She stood by the door apologizing and begging me to open the door. When she felt that I wasn’t going to answer her, she told me to at least open the window and collect what she bought for me as it will spoil before the following day. After disturbing me for a while, I went and unlocked the net going back to the bed. She came in and dived on me laughing. I tried pushing her away but she held me tight.
“What is funny?” I asked angrily.
“Nothing o, so what has been going through your mind? That you strafed a married woman without knowing?”
“Ok now that you have brought that up, tell me, are you married? I asked with all seriousness.
She stopped laughing and shifted away from me to get a view of my face. The once smiling face was replaced with a serious one.
“Don’t tell me you bought that” she said with a plain countenance.
“I don’t know, nothing is impossible. I mean such thing cannot cross your mind if there is nothing to it. If you had played the boyfriend joke, it would be understandable, but this, I think there is something to it.”
“Purity there is nothing to it. C’mon, it was just a joke.”
“A joke? Ok, but tell me, are you in any way engaged or about to get married?”
“Like seriously? Yes I’m engaged and about to get married. Are you satisfied now?” she replied angrily.
“You don’t have to be angry about this, you started it and I want to make sure that I have not made a big mistake.”
“Big mistake? My bad for being so cheap. You think if I even have a serious relationship you would have seen my laps let alone panties? I am not that cheap.”
“Yea right, that’s what they all say” I said in my mind.
“And thanks for calling me a cheap slu.t” she said and stood up to go.
Now it was my turn to play the joker. I held her and drew her back to the bed.
“Oh! So you are pissed now? But few minutes ago you were laughing your as.s out because you played a fast one on me. But you couldn’t realize that I was also joking.”
“What? You weren’t joking. You were so serious about it.”
“Just like you were serious telling me that you are married.”
“Did I tell you that I am married?”
“Did I call you a cheap slu.t?” I threw back at here.
“Yes you did. If not why would you say what you said about making a big mistake?”
“Yes you said that you are married. If not why would you tell me that I am calling a married woman?”
“You are crazy Purity, let me go” she said laughing and struggling to break away from my hold.
“And you are crazier and I won’t let you go.”
After playfully struggling to break away for a while, she relaxed back as I removed my hands around her.
“But come on, you really got me there. If only you know the thoughts that ran through my mind after I got that text” I said.
“I can imagine” she said laughing. “So tell me, what did you have in mind?”
“Well I had a lot going through my mind, but since I couldn’t provide answers to them, I had to wait for you to come back because I know that definitely you aren’t staying there forever.”
“What if I’m married and didn’t tell you and you got to know like this?”
“Hmmm!! I will be furious with you, we might stop being friends and the guilt of sleeping with another man’s wife will forever be etched in my heart.”
“Hmmmm!! This is serious. So you want to tell me that with all these things you are doing that you have not done a married woman before?”
“Another man’s property is a no go area for me. I grew up having that drummed into my ears and hammered into my head.”
“I didn’t know you have some purity and restrain left in you” she said laughing.
“That is your business. By the way, where is the thing you wanted to give me?”
“Oh! Are you done getting annoyed? Well, I finished everything but if you want your own, you can always have it from here” she said holding her Bosom and smiling seductively.
“Devil get behind me. I ain’t sucking a married woman, thanks but no thanks.”
If only looks could kill, I would be dead already from the look she gave me. After staring at me for some moments not saying anything while I maintained a serious countenance she stood up from the bed and left the room without a word.
Just like I knew that she was going to come back, she came back with a nylon containing something which I later found out to be chicken, dropped it on the cart and turned to go out. When she got to the door, she turned and looked at me while I watched her from the corner of my eye pretending to have my attention on my phone.
“Just so that you know, that thing you said is not funny at all and I am pissed.” She said.
“Sorry it got you pissed but I didn’t say it to sound funny” I replied nonchalantly paying no attention to her.
She stood still at the door for some seconds staring at me before she left banging the net loudly. I waited to hear her lock her door but couldn’t so I refused to lock mine hoping that she will come back.
To Be Continued…

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