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Friday, 26 January 2018



Sitting up from the bed, she picked her phone and dialled a number as I left to take a leak. I came back and met her talking happily with her mum. She accused her of not wishing or remembering that it was her birthday. Seeing me, she placed the phone on loud speaker as her mum was apologising from her end. I could sense joy and happiness from the woman’s voice as she kept calling her daughter all the pet names in the world while Shania was laughing and pushing it the more. I could guess they have not talked like that for a very long time. After they played around for a while, the woman got silent for a moment before she called her by her native name.
Covering the speaker of the phone, Shania whispered to me that the woman was about to start some serious talk. She called her again before Shania answered.
“Mum I am here.”
“Who did this to you?” she asked.
Shania must have understood what her mother meant by the question as she laughed out telling her that she doesn’t know what she was talking about, that nobody did anything to her.
The woman wasn’t taking any of it as she persisted with her question. When Shania saw that the woman wasn’t going to drop it with her question, she told her that she wanted her to speak with someone and before I could protest, she handed the phone over to me and left to ease herself.
I cleared my throat quietly and greeted the woman with my sweetest voice.
“Good morning ma.”
“Good morning my son, how are you?”
“I am fine ma. How are you and the family?”
“We give thanks to God. How is your family.”
“They are fine ma.”
“What is your name?”
“Purity ma.”
“Oh! Purity, I have heard about you. How is your mother.”
“She is fine ma. How is Business?”
“Well, we thank God, He has been faithful. You are serving in the same state with Ifechi?”
At the mention of that name, I wanted to burst out laughing but had to hold myself back.
“Yes ma,” I replied.
“So what did you do to my daughter?”
Immediately she asked the question, Shania shouted,
“Mummy this is not an interview session. In fact, it’s enough” she said and collected the phone from me removing it from speak out.
They talked more laughing after which Shania gave me back the phone to say goodbye. We talked as the woman took her time to thank me for what I don’t know after which she rang off. The first word that left my mouth as I dropped the phone was “IFECHI.”
She jumped on me and started hitting me playfully. We fought till she was out of breath before she surrendered. We both laid panting like people that just finished running a marathon.
“Shania?” I called her sitting up from the bed.
“Yes?” the seriousness of my tune must have alarmed her.
“I don’t know what is going on between you and that guy and I don’t want to ask which might lead you to lying to me. Whatever is going on, I trust you can handle it and I want you to take care of it, and possibly do away with it,ok?”
“Purity I …….” She started before I interrupted her.
“Shania, this is the best I can handle my feelings. I don’t want it to bring issues for us, just handle it.” I said with a note of finality.
She drew closer and kissed me with a thank you. This led to a round of passionate happy birthday love making after which we showered, dressed up and checked out with the remaining part of the cake.
When we got to her house, we celebrated a little with her roommates before I left. As I left, I felt fulfilled but my pocket felt slacked. My happiness was that I was able to bring back that genuine happiness back to her life.
To Be Continued…


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