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Sunday, 28 January 2018


“Hello baby,” I said into the phone sitting up from the bed.
“Good evening honey, how are you?” she replied.
“I’m good and you?”
“Good. Where are you?” she asked after the pleasantries.
“At this time of the night, where am I supposed to be? My room of course. Why, any problem?”
“I don’t know, not really. Just that my mind is not at rest . Are you with someone?”
“An unrest mind? How ,why? And who would be with me by this time?” I queried.
“Baby I don’t know. Have been sleeping but suddenly I woke up. Dunno if I had a dream but my mind is just so restless.”
Standing from the bed, I walked into Purity’s bathroom and locked the door.
“Baby I don’t know what to say but if what I am thinking is what you are worried about then I want to reassure you that nothing is wrong. I am in my room and nobody is here with me. I love you and you know that.”
“It’s ok baby. I know you love me just that I haven’t felt like this in a very long time.”
“I understand, it’s ok. So tell me about your day,” I said diverting the discussion.
We talked for long as she narrated her uneventful day to me asking after mine too. After making sure that her mind was at rest, we ended the call. I stepped out from the bathroom and met who I thought would have slept sitting up, her phone at hand. I had thought that with the time I spent talking to Shania, I will come out to meet Purity asleep.
“That was Shania?” she asked as I got to the bed.
“Yea,” I replied unconcerned settling back to the bed.
“Is everything ok with her?”
“Yea, maybe she had a premonition that I was in a compromised situation.”
She smirked when I said that.
“That is the life of a woman, we always suspect that something is going down behind us when we are not there.”
“No that’s not Shania. She might suspect but wouldn’t call or say anything, rather she will wait to see me first,” I replied turning my back on her.
“So does that mean that we are done talking?” she asked.
“Purity can we sleep already? We have had enough for a night and just so that you know, we never talked about anything.”
“Ok, if you say so,” she said and turned over.
To Be Continued…

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