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Monday, 29 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

When I got home I found the gate unlocked and knew that someone was inside. Not checking to know who, I walked straight to my door, unlocked and entered. Throwing myself to the bed without pulling off my shoes, I stared into the space. Of all the days and moments, why did my Joystick choose today to disappoint me?
I was still with my thoughts when a knock at my door jolted me back to reality. I listened as the knock came again. Dragging myself up from the bed, I went to the door and met IJ dressed up.
“Are you ok?” she asked when I appeared at the door.
“Yea, I’m good. How are you?”
“I’m fine, you don’t look too good.” She replied.
“Yea, not really in the best mood.”
“Thought you have gone to work when I came back and didn’t see you.”
“Nah, I didn’t sleep here last night.”
“Ok, is there anything I can do to help with the mood?” she asked concerned.
“Nah don’t worry, I will be fine.”
“Ok, if you say so. See you in the office then,” she said and turning around she swayed her hips down towards the gate.
I went back to the bed, about to doze off when my phone started ringing. Checking the caller, I pressed the receiver button and placed the phone on my ear.
“Constance good morning,” I greeted.
“Purity good morning, are you ok?”
“Yea, just having some malaria symptoms. I might be a little late to office today if I feel better.”
“Ok sorry. It’s unlike you to be late to work that’s why I called. Don’t get sick ok? Here will be very boring if you do.”
“Ok thanks. Is Director back?”
“Yea, she is even on her way to the office.”
“Ok, just tell her that I am not feeling too well ok?”
“No problem. That reminds me, what about that work you corrected? She will need it when she gets here. In fact she already requested that I get it ready before she arrives.”
“It’s in my laptop. I saved it with new doc.”
“But your laptop is locked, how do I access it?”
“The password is ‘pureshan’ in caps” I said before I realized my mistake.
She already has the work she asked me for because I saved it back to the flash after I finished. The whole trick was for me to release my password to her. I pretended like I didn’t know that she has played me before she dropped the call. I know she was definitely going to read my story.
I replaced the phone under the pillow and just when I thought that I’ve had it for the day, Precious called. I hissed cursing under my breath before answering the call. I heard her sniff like she was crying softly. Confirmed that my ears weren’t deceiving me, I called out to her,
“Precious are you there?”
“Yea,” she replied sniffing audibly.
“Are you ok, what is wrong with you?” I asked sitting up on the bed.
She kept mute for some seconds before dropping the bomb.
“Purity I am pregnant.”
The words struck me like a thunder storm.
“You are what?” I shouted as my phone slipped off my ear and dropped on the bed. Just then I recounted in a flash all the S£x we had which 99.9 percent of them was without protection. For her to have called me, I knew without any doubt that I am responsible. I picked the phone and took it back to my ear. Her crying has intensified that I could hear her sobbing loudly.
“Precious?” I called three times before she could answer amidst tears.
“I want you to calm down ok. When did you find out?”
“Two days ago. I was supposed to see my period last two weeks but I didn’t so I ran a urine PT two days ago and it came out positive.” She explained her voice raising again.
“Ok listen to me, don’t do anything harsh. We can and will sort this out ok? I will be in Eket with the first bus leaving here tomorrow.”
“Ok,” she replied still crying.
“Precious?” I called out to her again.
She kept crying without answering.
“Please don’t do anything silly. Don’t take anything no matter who prescribed it till I get there, don’t tell anybody else and please stop crying ok?”
“Send me your address and direction.”
“Ok I will send them,” she replied before ringing off.
To Be Continued…

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