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Thursday, 25 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

There is always a moment between lovers when S£x is the least thing that mattered. Those moments we spent cuddling felt good and more fulfilled than having S£x. It was like we were creating a stronger connection. I felt more drawn to her and loved her more. We forgot about S£x after Thursday night and found more fun cuddling and gisting into the night, throwing pillows till we were exhausted. It was love renewed.
On Sunday morning, while she was still sleeping, I slipped off the bed to use the nearest ATM because I was running low on cash. From the AT, I had gone to a fast food nearby and bought a cake before heading back to the hotel. When I got back, I left the cake at the reception and went up to my room. Luckily she was in the bathroom when I entered the room. I ran back to the reception and picked the cake running back to my room like a mad man. She was still in the bathroom when I tiptoed into the room and placed the cake on the bed before hiding behind the wardrobe door. Coming out from the bathroom she saw the cake and looked around just in time for me to hug from behind and whispered a happy birthday into her ears. She stiffened immediately on hearing that and her next action surprised me as she broke down and started crying. I held her tight as she sobbed on my shoulder while I rocked her letting her pour out all the emotions through tears. I realised that there must be a painful story behind the reason why she doesn’t celebrate her birthday or even talk about it. I knew what it took me to find out her birth date.
She cried for well, over ten minutes before getting herself under control. I led her to the bed and sat beside her still holding her while she stared into the space with tears streaming down her eyes.
I didn’t know what to say to comfort her but I had some questions which I needed to ask her. When she finally got herself together, I handed her a tissue to blow into which she collected with a ‘thanks’. Done with getting her face cleaned, she turned to me and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips. We kissed for a moment before I broke it off to sing a happy birthday to her. After singing the song, I led her up and told her to close her eyes and make a wish. She smiled and did as I told her, after which I played Timi Dakolo’s ‘Iyawo mi’ and we danced together in each other arms.
After we danced, we knelt down and I prayed for her. She was amazed and dumbfounded by everything that was happening. That was a part of me she never saw. While the whole thing was going on, I saw a genuine happiness written all over her.
I called the bar and ordered for a bottle of Andre to be served to my room. I also called the reception and requested for a table knife and a plate. After so much question and answer they obliged and brought it for us. The Andre arrived after I sliced out a part of the cake and we both settled down to have that heart to heart talk that accompanies every birthday.
“I know I must have gone beyond my bounds, maybe I must have unsettled something within you but just know that you are so special to me and this is just my little way of showing it.” I said sipping from my cup.
“Purity you have not gone beyond any bounds. You have given me peace which I never felt in the past fifteen years” she replied raising her head from my shoulder.
“I have many questions I want to ask you, but any one you don’t feel like answering, I wont force you.”
“Ok, go on.”
“Why me? I mean why would someone like you settle for someone like me when you have better options coming your way?”
“Hey! You asked me this before and if you can also remember I told you not to ask me that again.”
“Shania come on, I remember you said I shouldn’t ask you this again but I never seize to think about it. So why not satisfy my curiosity once and for all.”
“Ok, because you have done so much for me these past few days, I think you deserve an honest answer to your question,” she started . “That day I saw you with that girl at Chitis, I don’t know but you sparked off something in me. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but I felt drawn to you and wanted to be just friends with you. Then when we started getting along and talking, your nature and sincerity kept drawing me closer to you the more till I realised that I was in love with you. During those moments, you brought back something into my life. I can’t tell you that there is a particular reason why I love you but with you then I felt alive. Please don’t ask me another question to this direction again.”
“Hmmm!! Ok, so tell me, what happened fifteen years ago?”
She closed her eyes as if lost in thought and when she opened it, she heaved a big sigh before she answered, “I lost my twin sister fifteen years ago on our birthday.”
I was dumbfounded. She never told me that she was a twin. It never crossed our discussion nor slipped from her mouth.
“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to ………”
She didn’t allow me to finish before cutting me off.
“It’s ok.”
“How did it happen, I mean how did she die, she got sick?”
“Nah, she didn’t. It was on our birthday. Daddy promised to take us out before the party. So we were ready to leave before she ran off to the rest room to ease herself. We waited for her but she was taking too long to come out. I decided to go and drag her from the bathroom only to find her sprawled on the floor lifeless inside the bathroom. I had ran back to fetch my dad who came and carried her to the hospital. It was there that they confirmed her dead and that was how it ended and I lost a part of me.”
I held her and drew her closer to myself kissing her head. I made her rest on my shoulder again while I gave her a gentle rock.
“Baby it’s ok. I won’t tell you that I know what it feels like to loose a family member not to talk of a twin, but one thing I know is that you have mourned her enough. Let her go already and move on. You have held her captive for far too long in your heart, it’s time to let go and take back that part of you that was lost.” I said as that was the only words that came to my mind.
She nodded as we kept mute staring away into the space. She had her head on my shoulder while I had my hand around her waist. We stayed like that for some good minutes without saying a word before she cleared her throat,
“Purity you have brought back that part of my life. You have brought back peace into my life that is why I am scared of losing you. I am afraid to wake up one day to realize that you are gone. I have found myself looking over my shoulder most times for this other girls around you.” She said.
“Shania look at me,” I turned her to face me. “I am going nowhere. This moment I am here with you and I am not leaving to anywhere as long as you need me around. I don’t want to make promises and wouldn’t want that from you either because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but as long as you are here with me, I’m not letting go of you and what we have.”
“I love you Purity” she said with a misty eyes.
“And I love you more.” I replied.
“No, it’s a lie. I love you more,” she protested.
“Says who? I love you more jor.”
“Nooooooo…., I love you more, more, more and most most most most,” she said and wrapped her lips around mine so that I wouldn’t protest.
“Ok fine, you win, you win, I give up.” I said pulling away from her.
“Good boy,” she replied.
To Be Continued…

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