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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
The events of the last few days has taken its toll on me. Just within a space of three days I lost more than fifteen pounds without any workout. My big head was just hanging on my neck over sized for my body. I had emaciated beyond what words could describe.
I left Eket after spending four days with Precious. She couldn’t contain the joy of knowing that she had a delayed period or so she thought and also having me around. To her it was a double joy. The fact that not for one moment did I even deny that the supposed pregnancy wasn’t mine tripled her love for me but that was a moment of self reflection for me.
While I was in Eket, IJ constantly called me to check on me with Constance also calling intermittently. The director also called asking after my health after which she told me to take my time and recover fully before returning to work, if only they knew. I was constantly in touch with Shania but never told her that I was at Eket.
Before I left, I had a heart to heart discussion with Precious. It was a night that preceded the day I left. I had woken her up in the middle of the night for us to talk.
“Precious, it’s about time we talked things over,” I started as she sat up from the bed.
“Ok go on,” she had replied rubbing her eyes.
“This thing that happened should serve as an eye opener to us. Beyond this thing we have, there is no future for us. We have to stop this now to avoid ‘had I known’ later in the future.
“So what are you saying?” she asked cutting into my words. “That we cut contacts again?”
“I am not saying that we should cut contacts. We need to stop this whole straffing relationship. You need to get on something serious with Steve while I focus on mine with Shania. I am in no way suggesting that we stop being friends, of course you know we can’t but we are going to stop every romantic intimacy existing between us.”
“Purity I have thought about this too but I am finding it so hard with the thought that we will lose everything once we stop the friendship and all. I have thought of letting you go for Shania but will I be fine if I do? Though this is not like a pay back, but I still feel she snatched you away from me.”
“Precious, Shania never snatched me away from you. I left because I wanted to and we have talked about this so please don’t bring it up again. Believe me, you will be just fine if we do this now. It will be hard for me but we can either stop it now or continue and regret it later. Don’t you see how confused we were just three days ago? If what we have is something we could be proud of, we wouldn’t have been that way.”
She went mute staring at me which lasted for some minutes.
“Promise me you aren’t gonna blackout on me again. We are not going to stop being friends.” She said pitiably.
“We won’t stop being friends, I promise. But we will have to say away from each other for a while ok?”
She nodded in affirmation as I enveloped her in a bear hug after which we went back to bed. She was in tears as I left the next morning but I didn’t look back, knowing that I was doing the best thing for us.
To Be Continued…

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