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Tuesday, 30 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
Precious was really living it out large in Eket. Her sitting room was richly furnished with two of two sitter couch and two of one sitter. With a glass table at the center. Her plasma television hung neatly on the wall connected to her home theatre sound system directly opposite her little dining room which led to her kitchen. She had a fridge at one end of the dining with her cutleries neatly arranged on the table.
Nothing was spared in furnishing her kitchen which looked exquisitely perfect. I know everything there was courtesy of Steve, not that she couldn’t afford it though but she told me that the dude doesn’t allow her spend a dime on anything.
I made my way into the kitchen and fixed breakfast of tea and bread. We ate silently in the dining after which she cleared the dishes. When she came back, we walked to the sitting to talk more.
“Precious since last night I have been thinking,” I started. “ I am going to let my family know about this. I know we ain’t ready for this now, but I wouldn’t want to do anything that will put you in harms way.”
She chuckled and looked up me before saying,
“Are you kidding me? You want to tell your people what? That you got me pregnant and they will clap for you and tell you to bring me home and I will follow you home? Purity that is not even an option.”
“Precious I can’t ask you to go for an abortion or probably give you some pills. I have heard stories, it might damage something in you.”
“Purity see I have been thinking for two days now. You are too young to be saddled with this. Besides having a flourishing relationship, you have so many things to accomplish before marriage. I can’t stop you from that.”
“Precious this is our mistake, we have to take care of it. Whatever decision we are going to make about it will be agreed upon by the two of us and we go into it together. Right now, the only thing I have in mind is how we can make this right.”
“Purity there are two ways out from this and I know you are not going to be cool with either of them and it’s going to be hard on us. Firstly, I know something I can take. From my calculation, I am not up to three weeks gone so it wouldn’t be hard for it to go but I know that this is a no no for you which is the reason why the second option is what we are left with.”
“Ok, what is the second option?” I asked.
“Steve.” She replied looking away.
“What do you mean by Steve?”
“Before I tell you this, please for my own sake, don’t fight it. I am the person more disadvantaged here please.”
“Ok?” I replied urging her on.
“Ok this is it. It’s not something you don’t know that Steve loves me to pieces and is ready to marry me if I just say the word ‘yes, infact he has proposed twice which I told him that he should give me time to think more about it. He is even in touch with my mum, they talk at interval,” she paused as if to know whether I was listening to her before she continued.
“Recently my feelings for him started growing though I don’t know if it is love or pity. I have decided to say ‘yes’ to him. On Saturday is his birthday and that’s the day it’s going to happen. I will sleep with him and Maybe wait for two weeks before I tell him that I have taken in for him.”
The idea sounded funny to me not minding the seriousness with which she said it. I chuckled before clearing my throat,
“You are not serious about this right?” I asked as that was the only thing that came to mind.
“Purity I am very serious. This is our only way out. You ain’t ready to be a father now neither am I ready to be a mother out of wedlock. We ain’t even age mates. This will not go down well with our families, mine especially.”
“And you think Steve will buy this?”
“Yes he will.” She replied looking down at her palms.
“No! no! I can’t allow you do that. This is my responsibility and I am going to take care of it. Forget about our age difference it doesn’t matter now. I know it will be hard but it will just be a matter of time and it will all be calm. We can walk through this. I am going to call my siblings and probably my parents after that. I think you should start thinking about that too.”
“Aren’t you listening to me? I am not ready to be a mother out of wedlock. And you better not call anybody. This is between you and I. I decided to do this because this is the only alternative we have, or rather I have. I know this will be hard for us but please let me do what I have got to do. She said holding my hands, tears gathering in her eyes.
Looking into her eyes, lost in thought I finally decided to let it go her way.
“But what if he sees through it, Steve?” I asked.
“We have to think positive right now Purity. Just pray I don’t give birth to your copy” she said as we laughed.
“Ok so how do you proceed from here, you are like three weeks gone?”
“Yea, three and maybe a few days. I think we have to stay away from each other from now onwards till this is over. We aren’t cutting ties or loosing contacts but until this plan is sealed, the best we can do is stay at a distance. Don’t contact me, I know you will be desperate to but just allow me do it whenever I dim fit. I will be fine and will keep you posted all the way ok?” she said still holding my hands.
“Now I think this is going to be the hard part. I can’t just go mute or awol while you go through all this alone.” I protested.
“Our path from this moment is not going to be smooth again Purity so please let me just handle this.”
“But you have to keep me posted every step of the way.” I said.
“Yes, I promise, I will.”
“ Do you love him, Steve?”
“I don’t know honestly. I have feelings for him but I don’t know if it is love or pity for all the things he has done for me. Whichever one, I will figure it out with time.”
I heaved a big sigh, relaxing back to the couch. I couldn’t believe I was seated discussing all this with Precious. It was sure sounding like a joke turned reality. So if this works out, I will forever look at their first issue knowing that it’s mine, hmm wonders they say will never end.
“Where is Steve now?”
“He is not in the country. He has been in Qatar for two weeks now though he said he will return next tomorrow or a day after, before his birthday.”
We both went silent, lost in thoughts. After what seemed like eternity, I pulled her closer to rest on me and just then Shania called. I was about to take Shania’s call when her own started ringing and she left for her room with it.
I spoke with Shania briefly telling her that I had something urgent I needed to finish within a stipulated time promising to call later, before she rang off.
Seated alone after the call going through my phone, I saw Precious come out from her room with tears streaming down her eyes as she walked dejectedly toward me.
“What is the matter?” I asked walking up to meet her.
“It’s Steve Purity, it’s Steve,” she said and bursted into tears.
“What happened to him?” I asked holding her shoulder. For an answer, her feet wobbled as she slumped to the floor crying out loud.
“What happened to him Precious? Talk to me,” I asked pulling her up and sitting beside her.
“He is not coming back again,” she started amidst tears. “His stay has been extended to three months by his company.”
To Be Continued…

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