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Wednesday, 24 January 2018



I know I must have aroused so much thoughts in the mind of my new neighbour and she must have relayed everything that has been happening to her roommate. Since they could talk about my dic.k in the secret of their room, giving them an access but closed view of it wouldn’t be a bad idea. All the action I was taking was conceived the night after I heard them talking about IJ and I. I was determined to get one or both of them properly seduced before devising my next line of action. I haven’t determined yet what I was going to do with her. But I know for sure that she is longing to have my d.ick.
I knew she must have also heard IJ moaning from my room and that would have worsened her case as well as confirming her earlier suspicion.
On the contrary, they are not really my type of girls. People have what trips them and what they go for, but these two aren’t even crossing my mind for the mean time.
We had slept for quite a number of hours that Sunday. I woke up first and was surfing the net before IJ woke up. After yawning and stretching, she went to the kitchen and came back with the chicken which we devoured it silently. Afterwards, she prepared and left to get some things from the market to cook with.
I called Shania after IJ left and we talked. While we talked, I heard a guy’s voice from the background and asked her if she wasn’t at home. She told me that she was at home but had a visitor. She wanted to explain further but I waved her off and diverted to another topic.
When it was obvious that we had exhausted what we had to talk about, I still kept her on the phone just for whoever the guy is to know that she has a boyfriend.
When we had spent almost forty minutes, I rang off convinced that I had achieved my aim. Before I rang off, I made sure that her ‘I love you” sounded loud and clear even as I made her say it more than three times. She had caught the whole thing and was happy doing them or rather happy that I was jealous and could act so protective.
The following day, I changed my behavior towards my neighbors. I replied their greetings with a murmur or ignore them totally sometimes without sparing them a glance. It was obvious they must have the knowledge of what happened between IJ and I on Sunday because when I came out to call Shania after IJ left for the market, I had met them gisting outside which stopped immediately they saw me.
Their longing stares at me anytime we ran into each other didn’t seize even with my change of attitude towards them. Their eyes always went down to my zipper each time we met. It became so obvious that IJ also noticed and never stopped to taunt me with it.
On IJ’s part, there was no definition as to what we had going on. I had no words to describe it. It is something that happen after which, it is forgotten till there’ll be a need for it to happen again. After the Sunday hot session, she had told me that she wanted me to know how it feels like to always take control of someone and do what you like to them but had lost the card to me half way. We forgot what happened and moved about our business as usual the following day.
Weird as it is, we haven’t talked much about her personal life after the first time and apart from knowing my girlfriend, she never tried bringing my personal life or relationships into our discussions. I was in a way avoiding digging into her personal life because the less I know, the better. And if she thinks there is something I needed to know, she will tell me.
The week was moving slowly and boring. I had less work to do in the office apart from gisting with Constance as the Director travelled out and won’t be back for some days maybe weeks. At the close of work on Wednesday, I told Constance that I will be taking the rest of the week off as there is something special I needed to attend to. She reminded me of haven not invited her for house warming and I promised her that I will do so by the next weekend.
After our CDS on Thursday, I had packed few cloths and told IJ that I wasn’t going to be around for the weekend. She asked if I was travelling home to which I replied in negation. Realizing that I wasn’t going to tell her where I was going, she gave up and said that I should just let her know that I am safe where ever I was going to.
I had planned to surprise Shania that weekend. On getting to Uyo, I checked into a hotel, showered and changed after which I laid down to catch some sleep. I had set my alarm on 8pm, by that time, it beeped waking me up. I had freshened up and left the hotel for Shania’s abode. I knew she would be surprised on seeing me and that was my intention.
On getting to her place, the first sight that greeted me was the same car I saw the last time parked outside their compound with Shania and dude leaning on the car talking. The rate of my heart beat increased immediately as I clenched my fist. I had a tightening in my stomach as distress sweat found it’s way immediately to my forehead. I swallowed hard trying to get control over myself. From my position, they wouldn’t notice that someone was there but I could see them clearly.
When they were done talking, they hugged. As Shania turned to leave, the guy drew her back by the hand which led to another round of talks after which she pecked him and walked back waiting for the guy to drive off. As the guy turned his ignition, I walked out from my hiding place and walked towards Shania. I wanted her to know that I saw everything that went down between them. I stood before her as the guy drove off before walking past her into the room. I saw the fright on her face when she saw me approaching.
I met Tonia and Elvie when I got into the sitting room. They stopped what they were discussing when they saw me enter the room and looked at each other. I know what would be going on in their mind that moment. We exchanged pleasantries after which I left for Shania’s room. While I was talking to the other girls, she stood at the door still having that frightened look.
I was in the room waiting for her to come in but she didn’t. after about ten minutes, I called her line but she didn’t answer even as I heard her cell ringing from the sitting room.
I had planned for us to spend the weekend together starting from that day. I wanted to let her know that she was special to me though it seemed like I wasn’t serious with her. There was a good movie showing at the cinema by 9:30 which I had planned for us to see after which we will go back to my hotel room.
On Friday I planned to take her out to do a little shopping. It’s obvious she basically had everything and will definitely want to stop me but she was going to cherish it after all. Then at night, I planned for us to go clubbing and on Saturday, we can play together till we get tired then we can go see another movie and afterwards find a local bar overlooking the road, buy the road side chicken and relax in the bar to enjoy it, then on Sunday, we can make love as much as our strength could carry us after which I would take her back to her house before departing from Uyo.
To Be Continued…

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