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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
While in Eket, Purity called a couple of times. During those times, I never gave her the time to talk about what happened in her house. She had tried on few occasions which always ended with me diverting the topic. Funny enough after that morning, the embarrassing incident left my mind surfacing only when her call enters my phone. The pregnancy issue had taken a great position in my thoughts. I didn’t bother to tell her that I was in Eket, always told her off with the ‘I am busy’ line.
As I stepped into my compound that afternoon, her call was what welcomed me. I ignored it and headed towards my door. I noticed that IJ wasn’t around so I just unlocked and entered my room which I have missed. I had wanted to call IJ but decided against it.
I showered, made noodles. After I ate, I went to sit out in a bar in front of my house. Settled, I placed an order for a bottle of Harp.
I sat with the bottle of beer and thought over my life. I asked myself the reason I had a girl who so many guys would kill to have but still played around. I couldn’t find any reason for that. What if everything I was doing came out one day, how would she feel. Wait, how would she see me?
That was a moment of serious thought for me. After searching my mind for the reason why I was cheating and couldn’t find any, I decided to play clean from then henceforth.
It was a hard decision which took me the telling of myself the truth to reach. I know that it was going to be very hard but it’s worth trying. The thought that it was going to make me possibly lose some friends never escaped my mind but I know that at the end it will be worth it. The whole incident with Precious opened my eyes.
The moment you decide to stop chasing after something that is when that thing will turn and start chasing you.
I had finished with one bottle and ordered for another one when an Acura SUV stopped in front of the bar. Its glasses were tinted so I couldn’t get a view of the people inside. After about five minutes, IJ stepped out from the car, as whoever she was with drove away. On sighting me inside the bar, she made her way to my table and sat beside me. I wanted to play a prank on her so I kept a blank face, giving my phone all my attention. She was uncomfortable sitting beside me as we said no pleasantries.
“Purity, are you ok?” she asked breaking the silence.
I sensed fear in her voice as she looked at me like a child asking from her parents something she wasn’t sure they would give. I ignored her and went for my cup of beer not sparing her a glance.
After what seemed like a life time of silence, she stood up, picked her bag and was about to walk away when I drew her by the hand and bursted out laughing. She looked at me confused the more.
“Sit down jor,” I said pulling her down to the seat, “ You thought I was angry about that?” I continued pointing at the place the car dropped her.
“I don’t know, couldn’t think of anything,” she replied.
“But on a more serious note, who is he? The lucky guy?” I pressed on.
“It’s none of your business oga. How are you?”
“Ok then keep it to yourself. Just know that one day that thing wey you kill hide for inside house go soon begin smell. Any ways I’m fine,” I replied her laughing.
“It’s obvious that you are back. Welcome back room mate,” she said before she continued. “Let me go in. Have you had anything to eat?”
“Yea I made noodles.”
“Then let me go in and make something. I will see you inside,” she said before leaving, as my “Ok” trailed behind
As she left, I ordered for another bottle resuming with my thoughts. When I was done, I paid and left for my house. As I entered the compound, the power came, with shouts all round welcoming it back. I walked straight to the water pumping switch to turn it on when Funke came out from her room. she stopped at her door surprised maybe at seeing me before she greeted.
“Good evening.”
“Good evening Funke, how far na?”
“I am cooool,” she said drawing the cool. “ Did you travel?” she continued.
“Not really, just went out for a while,” I replied with a smile. “ How is Niyola?”
“ She is fine and inside,” she replied calling out on Niyola. Knowing that there is a very slim chance of me hearing Yoruba, she said “Niyola oko e ne wa e”
Niyola appeared at the door smiling like a fish.
“Niyola Oko ee………” I meant to repeat after Funke as both of them laughed out loud probably at my pronunciation of the wordings.
“Good evening, Niyola greeted after they laughed.
“How are you?” I asked as I noticed how hard she was trying to keep looking up and not down at me.
“I am fine,” she replied. “ Hope you bought something from your travel,” she continued.
“Nah, I didn’t travel.”
“But you weren’t around.”
“Yes, but I didn’t travel still.”
“But you weren’t around still,” she repeated smiling.
“And you didn’t call to know where I went to.”
“Ah! I don’t have you contact now.”
“Because you didn’t care na. if not you would have asked IJ for it and called.” I pressed on playing with her mind.
She made a funny face when looking towards IJ’s room, before she replied.
“Ok, I am sorry, can I have it now, your number?” she asked calling Funke who has long left Niyola and I and went back into the room to bring her phone.
“Oh! You want to collect my number just like? Until you ask properly, I won’t give you,” I said walking to my room.
“Ah! Ah!! Na. Ok I will come and collect it,” she said behind me.
“Until then,” I replied without turning.
I know how surprised they will be as we never talked like that since they packed in. I know that one way they must have been talking about me with the whole ‘oko’ thing in Funkes words.
While walking to my room, I noticed a movement at IJ’s window and smiled. Maybe she was peeping on me and the Yoruba girls. I changed course and headed to her room. She unlocked the net without hesitance as I knocked like she has been waiting at the door. As she unlocked the net, she headed back to her kitchen while I came in and laid on her bed.
To Be Continued…

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