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Thursday, 4 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

 We left and headed to Mami. We spent time eating after which we had some drinks before going our separate ways.
Since camp activities started hitting up we hardly go to Mami together to eat, but we still ate together occasionally without Purity.
As I left Chinwe in front of the clinic and was heading to my hostel, Divine called me. She told me to wait for her at the Pavilion that she wants to discuss something with me. I went back to the Pavilion and waited. Not long she came and sat beside me. After we exchanged pleasantries, she started.
“Purity I am sorry about my sister’s attitude. Sometimes she is like that, which is why I’m not perturbed by her recent change of behavior. She once had a boyfriend who treated her badly. When I say badly, I mean very bad. After their relationship packed up, out of anger and hurt, she had sworn that she is never going to date another guy until she meets someone that shares the same names with her.
It had been like a joke at first till after two years and she had kept to her words. It is three years and some months now and she is still not budging to my pleas to change that. Now she met you, someone that shares the same names with her but seeing that you are with some other person is something she is finding hard to digest. I’ve tried talking to her but the same cold attitude she is giving you is the same she is giving me and everyone else. Shania told me about how she ignored you, but if you can still try and talk to her, maybe she will come around.”
After we talked, I promised her that I will try and talk to Purity before we parted. When I got to the hostel I decided to chat Purity up on Whatsapp.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Are you there Purity?”
“Can we talk, if you don’t mind?”
I sent these messages consecutively but got no reply even after she read the message. I decided to quit the pleasantries and go straight to the point.
“Why are you being cold towards me and keeping to yourself?
“It’s none of your business.” She replied.
“Really? I know it’s none of my business but I care about you as your friend.”
“You don’t have to care ok?” She replied.
“Do you know this is the first time in my life that I am meeting someone I share a similar name with and to think that this person who has been friendly suddenly went cold baffles me. If there is something I did that you didn’t like, don’t you think you should confront me with it instead of going dark on everybody?”
I saw typing on her profile but got no message after waiting for a while.
“It’s ok if you don’t want to talk to me again. But for whatever it is, don’t be cold to others and stop withdrawing from people. We have barely 8days to spend here so have fun while it lasts ok?” I typed and sent.
“Purity this has nothing to do with you. It’s something I can figure out myself, so you don’t have to worry about me.” She sent after I waited for like eternity.
“A problem shared is a problem half solved, they said” I’ve got ears and time if you want to share whatever it is.’ I replied.
“Don’t worry I can fix myself.”
“I’m worried already, can we meet and talk?”
“Where?” she replied.
“The place you walked out on me.”
“Ok, but before then, I’m sorry for walking out on you and the cold attitude.”
“Tell me that when we meet.”
“Ok, let me shower, I’m coming.” She sent and went off.
I went and showered, changed and went to the Pavilion. I saw Yusuf and his new girlfriend seated and talking. On getting close to them, I noticed that they were arguing over what I didn’t know. I changed my direction before they could notice me and moved to the place where Purity walked out on me.
Some minutes later, Purity walked from behind and settled beside me.
“It seems your friend has found himself a camp chick” she said nodding towards Yusuf.
“Yea they’ve been going out for a couple of days now.”
“Good for him. Heard what he did the other night. God saved him that I wasn’t around when he did that poo.”
“He didn’t do that out of consciousness moreover, he has apologised to your sister.”
“It’s like having issues with women is his hobby’ she said as I looked up and saw Yusuf’s girl walking out on him annoyed while Yusuf looked helpless.
I made to call him but decided against it. Whatever it is he will tell me when we meet in the hostel. After the girl, Yusuf stood up, looked around and left.
“Well that ends the Yusuf drama, so what’s wrong with you?” I asked her.
“Shebi I told you already that it’s not something that I can’t handle.”
“Don’t let us start running around on this issue again just say it out already.”
“Ok, firstly lemme apologise for my cold and rude attitude towards you all these while. Secondly you didn’t do anything to me directly, so you don’t have to worry ok. It’s just something I’m trying to deal with.”
“I didn’t do something to you directly but I did indirectly? Tell me about it.” I pressed on.
“Hey why are you hell bent on pushing me into telling you something just meant for me alone? Didn’t know you are this stubborn. Ok this is it, something happened a long time ago and I vowed to myself that I’m not going to date anybody again except a guy that shares similar names with me. It’s been over three years now but I never met that person. I had promised myself that if I happen to meet this person and even he doesn’t ask me out that I’m going to ask him out myself. Fortunately I have met that person and unfortunately to my greatest disappointment he is with someone already and that someone is a friend.”
“What is it that happened exactly?”
“Forget it, there is no way I’m telling you that.”
“Come on, what are friends for.”
“No Purity, don’t even push it, I’m not telling you that.” She said.
“Ok, fine should I say that I’m sorry for whatever that happened in the past that made you make such vow?”
“Nah forget it. I’m f**king over it.”
“Can I tell you my mind?”
“Yea sure.”
“I think you should give yourself a chance to meet and date other people. That vow is tying you down and keeping you from meeting amazing dudes out there. Whatever that must have pushed you to making that decision is not far from boyfriend and girlfriend issues. But that fact that you had it bad the last time doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be the same. One way or the other we’ve all had it bad before now, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is the same.
You are looking for someone that shares the same names with you, how sure are you that the person is not going to be worse? Everyday life gives us another chance to meet new people and I think you should let go of the past and dump that vow in the trash can and move on. For all I know, you are still living with your past for over three years but you claim to be over it. Purity let it go and move on ok? There are chances you will never meet someone that shares the same name with you again, will you them remain single for the rest of your life all because of one relationship gone wrong? Move on, that is the best you can do for yourself.”
Heaving a big sigh “You can make a good preacher” she said with smiles.
“I’m not preaching. I’m telling you the truth dear.”
“Purity have you ever been hurt by someone you love?” she asked looking me in the eyes.
“Hmmm!! I wasn’t just hurt, I was made a fool to go with it.”
“How did you deal with it? I mean, how did you get over it?”
“Mine is kinda complicated. You know this situation where you think that you’ve got everything under your control and feeling on top of the world not knowing that you don’t even know what is going on. That was my case.”
“Tell me about it na.”
“Oh! Now you want to hear my own story but you wouldn’t tell me yours. No you ain’t hearing nothing.”
“Please na, must you pay back?”
“Yes o. Pay back is a bi*tch. Any day you tell me your story, I will tell you mine.”
“Ok o. so tell me how did you guys meet, you and Shania?”
“Shania and I started way back in school days. I met her in my second year. I went on date with someone and in the process I met Shania and she stole my heart. I kept asking her out from my second year till final year but she never accepted, but throughout this asking out period she was like my best friend. I always run to her for some advice and other stuff. As I kept disturbing her life she now told me we should work our service to Lagos that if it works then we will start dating but if not then I should know that nothing was ever meant to happen between us. I don’t know whether to call it fate or nature at work but instead of Lagos we found ourselves in this place and that’s how we started dating.” I lied.
“Seems you guys just started?”
“Dating yes but we’ve been friends for three years.”
“That’s cool. You’ve got eyes for good things” she said smiling.
“So what are you going to do now?” I asked ignoring her earlier comment.
“About what?” she asked back feigning ignorance of what I was asking her.
I looked at her while she smiled and looked away.
“I will just try to get my feelings together.”
“It’s about telling yourself that it’s time to move on and not clinging to the past ok?”
“Yes sir.”
“That’s cool.”
“But you guys are crazy, you and Shania. I was just crazy with jealousy that night. Call me crazy but getting bleeped in a party or a crowd place by a boyfriend is one thing I have always fantasised about.
“Well doing something crazy once in a while is the fun of life.”
“Jeezz! I couldn’t just take it that night. I so wanted it to be me.”
“It can still be you, you never can tell. Maybe all you need is to just get a dude and bingo! Your wishes will come true.”
We stayed together talking till the soldiers came pursuing everybody to bed. I led her to her hostel before leaving for mine.
To Be Continued…

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