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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

“You weren’t just a girl to me Precious. I valued our friendship, I treasured it. It’s just that ……….” I didn’t want to voice out something that will make her feel worse than she was already so I withdrew my words before it came out but she picked it up from there.
“Just that what? You couldn’t see yourself dating me? I mean why would you date me? What is there to gain again? You have seen and had everything on a platter of gold so what more?”
“Precious stop” I said out loud. Her words were piercing through my heart. I know she would never stop saying those things till I tell her something that will give her a guilty conscience too.
“Why are you saying all these to me?” I continued. “Do you know how I loved you in first year? Do you know what your rejection did to me? Do you know what damage it did to my esteem? Do you think all I wanted from you is just S£x and money? I wanted you, someone to call my own after Oge, but what did you want? You wanted me for just S£x. You saw in me that guy you could just spend on and use to satisfy your urges. All these while I have loved you but I had told myself that hiding it is the best I could do. When you came out with your feelings, I was afraid. How sure am I that it wasn’t still a plan to keep me around for your satisfaction and when you are done you will get me discarded? I was so drawn to you that I feared what will happen after graduation. I was afraid of being lonely when Oge’s issue came, I decided to end things for good with the both of you and move on.”
She was stunned after I dropped my last word. I could see that finally I had hit a nerve. After a deafening silence between us, she cleared her throat and said the least thing I expected to hear.
“Purity I’m sorry I never understood your feelings then. Then I was playing by my parent’s wishes and didn’t want to drag you into it. If I could turn back the hands of time, I’ll make things better.”
“It’s ok, it’s in the past now. We have to move on ok?” I said looking her in the eyes.
“Ok but can I ask you something? I know it might sound a little weird kinda.”
“Sure, go on.”
“Do you still have feelings for me?” she asked with a sly smile.
“Yea, I still do, but you know I have a girlfriend now, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”
“So do you think we can still get down?” she asked again still with the smile.
“I have a girlfriend, sorry” I replied laughing.
“That is not a yes or a no?” she retorted.
“I refuse to answer that question, but I will do well to avoid you as much as I can because I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND”
“Before the girlfriend came around, mum was there so I don’t need your answer anymore. I already have the answer I want, thank you” she said laughing.
We decided to go and chill out a bit in Mami market while I collect one of my phone from the phone charging spot. As we walked down, she slipped her fingers into mine and locked them together. When we got the phone charging section, I paid and collected my phone and we left to a cafe.
We placed our orders and waited to be served. I was focused on my phone when Precious tapped me.
“Is that not your girlfriend?” she asked nodding to a girl sitting with a guy in another cafe opposite ours.
Following her direction I saw Shania sitting with a guy. The guy was talking while Shania was typing away on her phone. She will occasionally look up and smile to the guy before going back to her phone. I smiled knowing how she can be.
“Yea that’s her, why?”
“That guy is my platoon leader.”
“Which platoon you dey self?” I asked.
“Platoon 9.” She replied still staring at Shania and the dude.
“Abeg leave them make them enjoy, camp na only three weeks.”
She turned and looked at me. She was surprised I said that. I smiled back at her removing my phone for the waiter to drop the snacks we ordered.
“Do you really trust her that much that seeing her with another guy doesn’t make you feel somehow?”
“I trust her. I have seen things that made me to really trust her.”
We were still talking when my phone beeped showing a What Sapp message. Opening it, I read the content. I laughed and turned the screen of the phone to Precious, she read it and pushed my hand away from her face. It was from Shania and it read “baby please where are you, there is someone talking trash into my ears please come and save me” she added many crying smiley to the message which made it more funny.
‘Look at the shop opposite and you will see your knight in shining armor’ I typed and sent back to her. She turned, looked towards our direction and smiled. She stood up and pointed towards us while the guy looked in our direction before she left him.
When Shania got to where I was with Precious her countenance changed. As she settled beside me, she pulled out her phone and kept herself busy with it. After a while, Precious stood up and left giving me a flimsy excuse of going to meet her platoon commandant. As she left, Shania remained quite not uttering a word to me till when we left.
To Be Continued…

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