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Sunday, 14 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
It was really a stressful day for us but it was fun. Most of the things we bought IJ had to price it till the seller has no choice than to sell at the price IJ had stood on. At first I felt she was under pricing some of the good which I would have just bought without blinking but the shop owners always decides to sell at her price, I had no choice than to relax back and enjoy it all. She always had this smile more like she was flirting with the shop owners each time she was bargaining about a thing we would want to buy.
At the end of the day, we bought everything from mattress to all the kitchen wares and had a lot remaining from the money which I had budgeted for it. There was a nice eatery I noticed while we were shopping so when we dropped everything we bought at home and had showered and changed, and wanted to prepare something, I told her not to worry let’s eat out.
“You didn’t tell me you already know places around here” she said as we got to the place.
“Not really, just got to know few hours ago. I noticed it while we were shopping.”
We had fried rice and chicken and bought ice creams for take away before we left for home. I called Shania when we got home and we talked at length. She asked and I told her how the day went. I later took pictures of the things I bought and sent to her. She was delighted mostly about the kitchen wares I bought. I told her about the help I needed to buy them.
I haven’t talked with Precious since I came back so I called her and we talked for a while. She was already having a swell time there as she downloaded to me how one guy that has got a rank in one of the oil companies there had been all over her. The guy had rented a mini flat and furnished it for her. While she gisted me about the dude, I felt a little jealous but didn’t allow it show. Before I rang off, she told me to settle down quickly that she wants to come and do house warming for me.
After I called Precious, I called Purity, Divine and Yusuf. I talked at length with Yusuf. He was still trying to recover from Saidat. I urged him to move on already that better girls are everywhere. After I concluded with my rounds of calls, I joined IJ in eating the ice cream.
“So how is he?” I asked starting up a discussion.
“Who?” she retorted with raised brows.
“You boyfriend.”
“Oh! He is fine. Haven’t talked to him for a while though.”
“Why, you guys cool?”
“Yea, he is not in the country and ….. I don’t even know but we are cool.”
When I had ‘not in the country’ a bell rang in my head. I immediately remembered Precious’ incident.
“What about you? Oh! Pardon me, I know her already.”
“How did you get to know her?” I asked surprised.
“Come on, do you think it’s everybody that bought that twin stuff you and Purity were playing in camp? I for one wasn’t deceived.”
“You gats be kidding me. Truth is we are not twins and we aren’t dating either.”
“Tell that to the birds.”
“I’m serious, my girlfriend was in camp with us so I wouldn’t have had anything to do with Purity. We were just friends and also we met before camp so it’s just like we came to camp together.”
“I refuse to buy this your story until I see the main bea. Or wait are you even sure you have a girlfriend? You look quiet but its people like you that do worst things.”
“I am innocent” I protested. “Just like the name sounds, I am pure.”
“Oh please, spare me the Purity trash. I know people like you.”
We kept talking and it later escalated to a play after she started making jest of me. I pinned her down to the bed demanding for an apology which she refused to give daring me to get it out from her if I want it. From my position on top of her pinning her hands down to the bed with her legs in-between my laps, I had some pictures flashing through my mind. Looking down at her beautiful full lips curved in a smile dashed away all the will I had left as I lowered my lips and our lips joined in a sensual bout of kissing.
We kissed gently savouring every bit of it. Letting go of her hands, I kissed down to her neck and around her cleavage. I slowly kissed back to her lip and invaded her mouth with my tongue. We rolled on each other while we took time in sucking on each other’s tongue.
Having had enough of her lips for the moment, I kissed back down to her cleavage and licked around the cape. I could see the shape of her Tips protruding through her tank top. Taking my mouth down further, I sucked on her Tips interchangeably through the top. She had her fingers already clawing at my back and slowly dragging her legs all over the bed.
I was being cautious not to rush into it so that there won’t be a story of ‘you forced me into it’ afterwards. After I sucked on her Tips, for a while, I pulled her up and looked into her eyes. She stared back at me as I saw the hunger in her eyes.
“Are you sure you want to do this, we can stop it now if you don’t want” I said still holding her gaze.
“I dunno” she whispered closing her eyes.
“Then I think we should stop.”
She kept quiet for some seconds while a waited for her response.
“Let’s finish what we started already.”
“Are you sure?”
To Be Continued…

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