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Sunday, 7 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

“Come on you know he is not like that. He is my friend and I know him better. Sometimes when we guys are drunk, we tend to misbehave but that doesn’t excuse his action. He is a good guy and you know that. Don’t judge him because of one single mistake which he made unconsciously please, I won’t be happy if you guys just end things like this. You guys look very cool and cute together, why end something so good because of one little mistake? You know it’s not fair.”
“Purity we have not talked for like two days now. Yesterday I saw him with one girl so I guess he is not interested any more so let’s just leave it like that.” She said nonchalantly.
“The girl you saw her with is one of our friends, they don’t have anything together. They were coming to meet me that yesterday in Mami. Look I’m going to scold him. He will come back to plead, please don’t turn him down again ok. If you do, you and I will start our own round of quarrel.”
“Ah! Ah! Na, we no fit quarrel you know that. You be my own person.” She said laughing.
We talked for some minutes before she left while I went to my hostel. I showered and slept off. I was deep in sleep when my phone started ringing. Pulling the phone from under my pillow, I checked the caller. It was Shania calling.
“Hello?” I croaked into the phone.
“Good afternoon” she greeted.
“Good afternoon, how are you?”
“I’m not fine, where are you?”
“In my hostel, was sleeping before you called. What’s wrong with you?”
“I miss you, so much.” She said with a calm emotional tune.
“I miss you more.”
“It’s a lie, if you did, you would have called me. For two days now, we have not talked neither have we seen each other and I know that if I didn’t call you now, you wouldn’t mind not calling me till camping ends.”
“You know that is not true. I would have called you if you didn’t call after today. Not like I was waiting for you to call o.”
“Yea I know that’s what you will say.”
“Ok, are you busy, let’s meet na.”
“I’m not meeting with you anywhere.”
I know she wanted me to plead with her so I decided to play it her way. She usually does that whenever she wants to be pampered.
“Baby please na. OK I am sorry for not calling you all these while. Knock my head when you see me OK.”
“Sure I will do that, but tell me sorry again.”
I told her sorry once more and after so much rigmarole, she agreed for us to see. I told her to meet me at the Pavilion and from there, we will head to Mami market to have some cool time together.
We got to our favourite cafe in Mami market and I ordered for two plates of pepper soup. We kept discussing waiting to be served.
“So what happened between you and Purity because she has been in an elated spirit since three days ago?” she asked.
“Nothing much. Divine came and told me what happened and why Purity was the way she was and pleaded that I talk to her, since she tried and it never yielded.”
“What was her problem?”
“She had a bad relationship three years ago and promised herself that………”
“Hmmm!! So she was acting up because she can’t have you, is that?” she asked unconcerned after I narrated Purity’s predicament to her.
“Not really, she was like you are her very good friend and she can’t for anything try coming close to me knowing you will be hurt.”
“She is seriously funny. Does she think that even if we weren’t friends that she stands a chance with you when I am involved, she gats be kidding.”
“I just told her to get over the vow she made that chances are she is never going to meet someone that bears similar names to her again and meeting the person might end up causing her more damage.”
“This is even crazy, why would she even make such a vow?”
“Because she was hurt. Some people don’t handle heart breaks pretty well.”
“Oh! Please. If we are all to keep making unreasonable vows just because we are hurt, believe me, all girls will end up at the convent just as the guys will all become priests.”
“You are funny. So tell me, you’ve joined the Kendy group now?”
She laughed and stared at me for a while like she was doing some thinking. “So you saw me with them that day?” she asked.
“Is that a yes or no to my question?”
“It’s nothing to your question.” She said looking into the space.
“Ok if you say so.”
Our order was served and we buried all our attention into it. It was very delicious and peppery and so to avoid the pepper entering the wrong track, we pretentiously gave it all our attention. After we devoured it, I placed another order for two bottles of soft drink.
“I have this link that could help us ‘runs’ our posting to a very good PPA (Place of Primary Assignment), don’t know if you are interested. I said breaking the silence after taking a gulp from my bottle.
“Hmmm!! Who is this link?”
“You don’t have to worry yourself about that, just indicate your interest and leave the rest to me.”
“I am asking because someone already sold that idea to me which I didn’t buy. I wanted to confirm your interest before giving the person a reply.”
“Who is the person?”
“Ok you are now asking for my source but just a few seconds ago you refused telling me yours, how fair is that?”
“Are we now playing a game of fairness here?”
“Yea exactly who you are, always trying to exonerate yourself from situations which you created while expecting every other person to be held back into it. Well it’s Kendy. He wants to help me with the posting.”
“Pull out your phone now and tell him hell to the no that you ain’t interested.”
“Yea exactly the reason why I didn’t want to tell you the source, I know you are going to push it into the trash can.”
“Danm right that’s where I just pushed it and that’s where its gonna be.” I annoyingly retorted.
“Well before we leave it in the trash can according to you, why not tell me the market from which you are buying yours and we can compare the credibility and legitimacy because I sure as hell trust this Kendy source.”
“Just for the record, there is no way I am going down with you on that Kendy link. Call it my pride or whatever you think but if that’s the only link left in this world, then I will rather leave my fate with NYSC to post me where they like.”
“Noted, but first tell me who is selling you this link.”
“There is this friend I recently met, that’s how I got to know about it.”
“And who is this friend you recently met?”
“Does it matter who the person is?”
“You can just stop trying to play smart with me because if it’s what my mind is telling me, then be rest assured that there is no way that I am buying it.”
“And what is your mind telling you because I know it’s telling you shits right now.”
She looked at me with disdain and scoffed. “Is this your link not coming from Precious?” she asked finally.
Finally it was my time to scoff. “Your mind always has a funny way of roaming around. But sorry to disappoint you, it has nothing to do with Precious.”
“Then who the hell is this? If you aren’t going to talk, then be rest assured that I am going with Kendy with or without your consent.” She said and stood up to leave.
“Don’t walk out me, don’t try it.”
“You know what? Get the f**ck out of my head. If you are ready to talk let me know.” She said and walked away.
I paid for the drinks and left. I know I could be defencive sometimes on some issues if not, nothing stops me from telling her who brought the idea to me. On the contrary, I know she wouldn’t accept it coming from another girl since I couldn’t accept it coming from a guy from her side.
I was walking towards my hostel lost in thought when all of a sudden something caught my eyes. Looking towards the direction, I saw Kendy walking Shania down to her hostel both holding hands. I stood shocked as I stared at them. Just few minutes ago she left me and she is with him holding hands already walking to her hostel. I felt my ego poached. How could she do that? So she now rushes to him at every slightest issue.
“Hey! What are you staring at?” Purity asked interrupting my thoughts as she stood beside me.
“Errmm!!…. nothing.” I replied drawing my gaze away from them.
“Don’t tell me that, you have been looking towards that direction for over five minutes.”
“Please not now.”
“Not now what? I just asked what you are staring at and you are telling me not now, is that an answer?” she pressed on.
“I am not in the mood for this now please.” I said walking away towards my hostel.
“Then get in the mood and tell me what the problem is” she said walking behind me.
“Not now and probably not today so please leave me be.”
“Is it about them, Shania and Kendy?”
“So you know already, congrats. Can you now let me be, I don’t want to talk about it, thanks.”
“If it’s going to make you feel better, then go on ahead and talk to your bed” she said and turned around.
I didn’t look back as she left. I just wanted to be on my own that moment and sort out my feelings. It was obvious that something was happening between them. Even if nothing is happening between them why running to him all of a sudden?
I got to my hostel and dived to the bed. I tucked my waist pouch and phones safely under my bed sheet before sleeping off.
To Be Continued…

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