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Monday, 15 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

She nodded in affirmation giving me the go ahead. I pulled off her tank top and unhooked her bra from behind and feasted on her bo.obs. She has Bosom exactly my preferred size. While I sucked on her bo.obs, she pulled on my vest which I raised myself and slipped off from.
Maybe owing to the fact that it was our first time, she kept her hands majorly caressing my back. I left her Bosom and licked down to her belly button and sucked on it. She has a tiny belly button which curved inwards into her tommy. As I sucked on her belly button, I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled it off. She had her eyes closed while I was working on her. She wasn’t a screamer as she kept brooding inwardly.
Getting off the bed, I walked to my bag beside her wardrobe and picked a condom. Coming back, I pulled off my shorts. Just as I was about to climb back to the bed, she pleaded with me to switch off the light. I turned off the switch and jumped back into the bed.
We had a little more pre-intimacy before I wore the condom and buried my Joystick into her. I had to push in bit by bit gently before I was balls deep despite her wetness. I just confirmed that it’s either that it has been long she had S£x or she is using one of those ‘tightners’ women use.
I kept it on with her for some good minutes before I exploded into the condom. I rolled off her when my Joystick started shrinking and went to the bathroom to clean up. After I exited the bathroom, she got up and smiled at me before going into the bathroom. Coupled with the day’s stress and the hot round that just went down, I felt weak and used as I laid back on the bed.
I must have been half way into the dream world when she exited the bathroom. The only thing I noticed was someone kissing my forehead with a goodnight.
To Be Continued…

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