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Thursday, 25 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
After waiting for another five minutes without any sign of her, I left her room only to meet her sitting alone and looking dejected in the sitting room. If I did nothing to let her fears go away, the evening and my whole plan would be ruined completely. I decided to let go of my anger for the meantime. Walking towards her, she looked up at me having that same frightened look. I sat beside her and gathered her into an embrace. I guess that was the least of what she expected from me that moment as she broke down and started weeping. Women and their wahala, she was the person that hugged and pecked another dude and now she is crying.
I knew she was feeling bad and that has always been her way of showing it. I didn’t want to think beyond what I saw because deep down, I knew I have done worse things. I consoled her, telling her that I wasn’t mad with her. On checking my time, I realised that we had thirty minutes before the movie. But she was still clung to me with tears streaming down her eyes.
“If you continue like this then we are going to be late to the cinema.”
“Which cinema” she asked looking up at me.
“There is a movie I want us to see and we have like thirty minutes before it start. So let’s not ruin the night for US ok?”
She nodded while I led her to the room to get ready.
“Get a few cloth packed because we might be spending the weekend out” I said to her smiling.
She looked at me surprised before asking,
“Purity what is happening?”
“Nothing, just want us to spend the night together. Is that a bad idea?”
“No, it’s not. Just that ……….” She stopped midway into her sentence looking squarely at me.
“Just that what?”
“I don’t know, just having some weird thoughts running through my mind.”
“Ok, you can keep thinking, but just get packed let’s leave already.”
Fifteen minutes later saw us leaving her house after I told her roommates to expect her back on Sunday.
We took a cab back to my hotel room and dropped her bag before leaving for the cinema. Luckily for us the movie was delayed for another thirty minutes which gave us time to buy the tickets, popcorn and coke and also settle down before the movie started.
I had pushed the event of her place away from my mind but Shania seemed not to have. I caught her on many occasions staring at me instead of the screen. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I gathered her face and kissed her before whispering into her ears that I have forgiven her and is not breaking up if that is what she had in mind. I must have reassured her as she placed her head on my shoulder dipping her hand into the bowel of popcorn intermittently.
After the movie, I called the cab man who took us back to the hotel. As we entered the room, we both got engaged in a hot romance eating each other’s lips and tugging at our clothes like they blew the whistle on us. We had made crazy but passionate love before sleeping off nak.ed into each other till the next morning.
We woke up the following morning being Friday very famished. We had ordered for some food from the hotel. After we ate, we slept back again cuddling till around 1pm. We showered and just then I realized that I had not called IJ. I called her and as I was talking with her, she demanded to talk with Shania to which she did before I dropped the call. After the call, I told her to dress up that I was taking her shopping. The first comment that came out from her mouth was.
“no way.”
“Sorry, but your opinion doesn’t count on this one.” I said with a note of finality but she wasn’t hearing any of it.
“Purity we are going nowhere. You have spent a lot already and will go broke at this rate. Even if you have enough, you don’t need to waste it like this.”
“I am not wasting my money. I am just spending it on the girl I love, who I know can bring down heaven for me if I asked for it,” I said kissing her tenderly.
She surrendered staring at me as her eyes got misty. She dabbed the corner of her eyes with the bedspread before snuggling into me. We cuddled for some time after which we dressed up and left for the boutique.
It was fun shopping with her and she was delighted as we played around throughout the whole shopping moment. At the end of the day we bought two gowns, some lovely tops and jeans with shoes and some simple sandals. She had kept screaming at the price of each. I know she would buy it without blinking an eye if she was paying for it but since I was the one paying she was considering my pocket. I knew that I was definitely going to get half of the money back but that wasn’t where I had my mind.
When we got back to the hotel, we showered, ate and rested, getting ready to club later. The hotel had a club so we didn’t need to go somewhere else.
We woke up around 8pm and headed down to the bar. After having a couple of drinks, we entered the club till 2am before retiring to our room. Shania made me the envy of many guys in the club. She was all over me allowing no other person to come closer to her.
The following day, we had spent the day sleeping, cuddling and playing. We ordered for anything we felt like having after which we would sleep off or play or snuggle to each other gisting. In the evening, we had gone to see another movie after which we went to a roadside bar, bought the roasted chicken and occupied a table overlooking the road, enjoying the evening and watching people go about their business.
To Be Continued…

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