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Sunday, 28 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 
I woke up the next morning to meet Purity already up and in the kitchen making breakfast. After the greetings, I headed to the bathroom to shower and get ready to leave.
With my back turned to the door, the water pouring down over me, I felt a presence behind me. Turning off the shower to turn around, her hand clasped round me as her feminine body pressed to mine. I felt shiver run down my spine as I became lost in what to do. She held me tight preventing me from turning around. I could feel her pressed behind me as the heaving of her chest kept moving up and down while my Joystick started enlarging. We said nothing to each other standing in that position our heart beating in unison. She had her head resting on my back.
“Purity are you sure you want to do this?” I asked after the prolonged silence.
She said nothing but the movement of her head behind me confirmed that she replied in positive. Gently I unclasped her hands and turned around to face her. I know she had an amazing body but with her before, she was a sight to behold. Her hung firmly with her pi.nk nipp.les perched in dark areolas. Her flat tummy did good to compliment her tiny waist that joined to her wide hips which transcended down her beautiful legs. I was taken as I absorbed the beauty of her body with my dic.k rock hard, nodding intermittently.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked again as she nodded in affirmation.
“And you promise that this is going to be between us and after this once, it is never happening again. She nodded again with her eyes closed.
Gathering her face into my palms, I planted a gentle kiss on her lips. She responded immediately as we kissed, savoring the passion and the taste of each other’s lips. Having had enough of our lips and tongues, I opened the door and led her out into the room taking her straight to the bed. She laid back gently on the bed as I came up on her locking our lips once again. I could feel my pre Pour leaking from my Joystick and probably dropping on her laps. The passion was hitting up but I didn’t want to rush the fun.
Suddenly, I felt my dic.k shrinking back while we were still kissing. Gently, I took her hand and placed it on my dic.k. As I felt her soft palms caress my, my Attention came back hard. I was settled on her Bosom sucking like a baby while she stroked my dic.k moaning softly. She stroked my Joystick in her moans like it was all she ever wanted.
Taking down my hand, I placed it around her puss.y caressing the sprouting hairs. Slowly, I parted her labia and dipped in a finger into her dripping well. She twisted her waist pushing it up. I kept caressing her inner walls, teasing her protruded clit at intervals. She held tight to my hand as I flicked my finger on her clit once again moaning out my name in the most sensual tune I have ever heard.
While taking my time working on her holies, I felt my Joystick getting soft once again. Taking my hand deeper into her, I whispered into her ears to stroke my dic.k. She responded immediately and commenced stroking me gently bringing it to life again while still moaning out from the pleasure simmering through her.
When I felt myself good to go, I took my from her and gently caressed the tip of her clit with my dic.k head, watching the crazy expression on her face. She gnashed her teeth before opening her mouth as if seeking for air.
Slowly, I pushed my Joystick into her warm holies with her walls clasping tightly on me while she clawed at the pillow, pulling it from under her head and pressing it down on her face to cover the big moan that escaped her mouth.
I smiled at her reaction before thrusting in and out slowly. I wanted to make her really have the feel of me once and for the last time since it wasn’t going to happen again. I wanted to give her a lasting experience of who she was playing with but how would I have known what awaits me.
I haven’t ‘thrusted’ up to twenty counts when I felt my Pour gathering with full force. I became alarmed and pulled out in other to buy time and withhold myself from cumin but it was too late. As I pulled out, it all came rushing out while I stroked it shamefully jerking myself off on the sheets.
To say that I was embarrassed would be saying the least. I kept a shameful face searching for some explanation to give her as she looked up at me. I misinterpreted her look to mean ‘ is this all you have got to offer?’ She must have seen the embarrassed look on my face before she stood up, kissed and hugged me patting my back.
“This is the best I have had in my whole life,” she said still patting my back.
That statement sounded more like a mockery to my ego as I knelt on the bed riddled with shame.
“Purity you don’t have to be like this way, I am not a kid. I understand, it happens. Moreover you have hit me with one crazy orgasm, what more could be better? I know we are going to have more amazing S£x ok? So please shake it off.”
I broke off from the hug and kissed her. All the while I was quiet in shame, I was trying to get my Joystick back up mentally but all the mental effort proved abortive. After I kissed her, I stood from the bed and led her back into the bathroom to shower.
After we showered, I got dressed while she changed the bed sheet replacing it with a new one after which she served breakfast. Done eating, she cleared the dishes and dressed up. We shared another kiss before she saw me off.
To Be Continued…

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