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Monday, 22 January 2018



A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
I had gotten to Purity’s place 15minutes after I left my house. It wasn’t hard locating where she stays. She was already waiting in front of their gate to usher me in, the house was a new structure housing other new tenants.
When I alighted from the bike, she led me into her compound and up to her room. Purity’s apartment looked dope. She had everything in place. Her room made a mockery of mine. She had a plasma TV neatly hung and connected to a home theatre. She had a red rug covering the floor also complementing her rich blue curtains which matched with deep blue bed spread covering the 24inches bed on the floor. Away from her electronics on the left side was a medium sized fridge resting on the wall. I took time savouring the rich taste of the room.
“Seriously your room is dope,” I said after satisfying my eyes.
“Thanks but not as cool as yours, and before you say another thing, welcome and make yourself comfortable. I have something on fire,” she said entering her kitchen.
I followed her into the kitchen and met a nicely fixed kitchen cabinet and a two cooker gas burner set on a lower cupboard with two pots steaming on top of the cooker. Everything both in her room and kitchen was neatly arranged.
“Wait are you going to settle down here after service year?” I asked resting on the kitchen door post while she stirred what she had on fire.
“I don’t know yet. Why do you ask?”
“With all these properties, one will definitely think you have another plan after service year. If not how are you going to dispose all these properties?”
“I haven’t decided yet on my next move after service year so until then. By the way how is your girlfriend? She told me that she left your house on Wednesday.”
“Yea, she came on Monday and left on Wednesday.”
“That’s cool.”
“Yea, how is Divine?”
“She is fine, I went to her place on Thursday.”
We kept making small talks till she was done with what she had on fire. She dished out the food and we headed back to the room to eat.
I had a swell time at Purity’s house. After we ate, we saw some movies till it got a little late and I decided to go. There was no awkward moment that could have led to something intimate though I had that in mind and was ready for it while on my way to her house.
When I got ready to go, she saw me off to their gate where we hugged and I kissed her forehead before walking down to the road to take a bike. She stayed at her gate waiting till I got to the road and hailed a bike before she went back inside. As surprised as I was that nothing intimate went down between us, I was happy that she has gotten her feelings under control.
When I got home, I met the gate locked from inside. I knocked twice before one of the Yoruba girls (Niyola) came out and opened the gate for me? She was clad in a tank and a bum short with her Tips protruding from the tank top.
We exchanged pleasantries when I entered and from her voice, I know she was the one that made the comment about my dangling I quickly locked the gate behind me and walked up to her as she was slowly walking to her room. I held her hand and asked how her day went. She must have been surprised as such never happened between us. She stammered before she answered that her day was boring. I smiled and cupped her cheeks telling her not to worry that I will take her out the following day being Sunday.
I walked to my room after that. When I got to my door, I turned in time to see her staring at me. She entered her room immediately our eyes met while I smiled to myself and entered my room, mission one accomplished.
Surprisingly IJ had not called me since I left the house. Picking my phone, I called her but got no reply after the phone rang off for the second time, I was worried as to the reason why she wasn’t picking her calls. I typed a message asking her to just beep me if she is ok or maybe can’t talk where she is and sent to her. I stood and stared at my phone for more than five minutes but got no reply. I started calling her again but got no reply after the third time. I became alarmed worst being that I don’t know anybody I can call to ask after her.
I had gone to take a leak at the bathroom when I got a message notification on my phone. I was surprised at myself how I rushed to check my phone. It was a message from IJ’s number which read,
“Who are you and why are you calling my wife?”
The word “wife” sounded like a bell to my ears. There must be a mistake somewhere. I clicked through and checked the contact’s number again and it was IJ’s. First, the message was an indication that she was fine where ever she was so I decided to let her (them) be.
I kept my phone, sat on the bed and started thinking. How true can this be? So she is married and I didn’t know all these while? But I never saw any ring on her finger. What have I gotten myself into? I recalled an advice that my mum gave me never to sleep with a married woman no matter what the circumstance is. I have messed up. But why didn’t she tell me that she is married?
After thinking for what seemed like eternity, I decided to wait till she comes back so that I can ask her all the questions I had in mind and probably blast her because that was the end of whatever we have going on.
Sitting up from the bed, I pulled off and headed to the bathroom. After I had my bath, I came out and checked myself in the mirror. I know I had a good physique, all thanks to my workout sessions. Changing to a new Sekxy loose orange boxer, I headed out to my new neighbours.
I knocked on their door twice before they asked who was on the door.
“It’s me Purity.”
“Hold on.”
I Waited by the door for whoever that answered to open door. Coincidentally the same girl Niyola that opened the gate for me opened their door and came out. Seeing me clad only on my boxer had her stunned. She ran out of words as she looked at me, her eyes resting on my crotch. I allowed her to feast her eyes well before I cleared my throat to get her attention.
“Errrmmm!!” she stammered. “Sorry, good evening” she sounded confused looking, shy and dazed.
In other to compound her misery the more, I packed up my stuff as her eyes trailed my hands once again down there and got focused.
“Sorry can you help me with your lighter or matchbox, please?”
“Emm!! Emmm!! What did you say?” she asked drawing away her eyes from my crotch and looking up at me.
I made a face of anger and told her not to worry walking back to my room. I didn’t bother to look back as I knew that she would be staring at me.
To Be Continued…


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