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Saturday, 6 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

 “Guy what’s up? What’s the problem between you and your babe na?” I asked Yusuf when I got to the hostel.
“I don f*ck up again my man.”
“Wetin happen? I been see as she leave you waka for inside Pavilion.”
“Guy this whole thing started yesterday night. We were sitting out in that corner close to the mango tree near the Pavilion. As we were gisting, I made a move to try my luck via small touching things but the girl no gree. I thought it was initial gra gra unto say this na something wey I don dey reason am with style before and she ma been dey flow with me then. I been wan try again na e she just open eyes for me o. If no be say other people dey around for there she for shout for me. As she waka comot I come dey call am but she no gree answer me o.
Today I come meet her for my platoon but she just dey bone me. After so much trial and begging she come gree make we see this evening. On how we come sit for Pavilion dey talk, I dey try apologize but all of a sudden she just started calling me names o. just like that na e she waka comot o” he narrated pitifully.
“Omo your way sha. You think say na as she dey follow you yarn the matter before, say she go follow you do am? You no try abeg.”
“Guy I know say me no try, but why the babe go come dey call me names sha?”
“You suppose dey happy say na only names na e she call you. What if she carry the matter go meet state coordinator? Na Molest attempt you for dey battle with now.”
“Taaar!! Molest attempt fire. Who go believe that kain yeye story?”
“Wait until e reach that time.”
“Guy but I like that girl. I no wan make she just waka like that. I go wan make we run package after camp o.”
“Oya go follow am talk na, she fit still reason with you.”
“As she take waka from that place ee, she no look like someone wey go ever follow me talk again. Abeg go follow am yarn on my behalf na abeg” he pleaded with me.
“You dey craze o. Wetin you wan make I go follow am talk? Say my friend na mad man ne e make em hand no dey stay one place? Guy forget am.”
“Abeg na just reason am anything, she go believe you.”
“Guy na your sh*t be that, you gats clean it up yourself.”
“My guy abeg na, I no wan lose that girl.” He pleaded on.
“Oya go meet am say all these things na. she go believe you.”
We were still talking when some army men stormed our hostel and started searching bunk to bunk for people who might have illegally connected electricity to an extension wire. After checking through the bunks, they left after warning us to sleep and not keep making noise as we might not like what they will do to us if they come back.
As the army guys left, it crossed my mind that I have not heard from Shania the whole evening. I dialled her number twice but got no reply but when I checked her Whatsapp profile, she was online. I couldn’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t pick my calls. I sent her double messages asking about her day and why she wasn’t picking my calls. After a while, I saw an indication showing that the messages has been read but I got no reply. Since she doesn’t want to talk with me, I switched off my phone and slept off.
The next morning started off bad for me. I woke up when I heard the clarion but just like a few others, I decided to sleep more instead of going to the parade ground. I was still enjoying the early morning sleep when someone shook me vigorously. Opening my eyes, I was partially blinded by the rays of a flash light which was focused on my face. I winced and made to cover my face before I heard an order,
“Otondo, move to the door and join your mates.”
I jumped down from the bed grumbling. As he left to wake other sleepers like me, I dressed up and went to meet others. At the door was another soldier with about ten corps members and I, making then eleven. We could hear the soldier inside waking and commanding others still inside to come and join us.
After they rounded us up, they marched us in a single file to the parade ground. I was thinking the raid happen
To Be Continued…

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