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Monday, 8 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
“I know because there is no need to doubt it. ”
“But that is not convincing enough. I need something very convincing because I don’t want to hang my fate on a balance. ”
We were still dilly dallying on the issue when she drew my attention to two people walking towards the eatery. Looking out, behold Shania and Kendy walking towards us. An unknown rage filled my heart. This type of rage usually makes me feel like I am choking up on something. I raised my head to be able to breathe fine at the same time taking a long draw at the bottle of water on my table. I looked away as they approached the entrance. Since our table was close to the entrance, sure enough they will see us. They walked in and went to an empty table away from us. Shania saw us and looked away.
“Oh! Remember you asked how legit my source is? Come on let me show you” Precious said drawing my mind back.
I followed her out not knowing what to say. I was filled with rage. So actually something has been going on between them. The coldness in her eyes when she looked at me was unmistaken. She couldn’t even say a word to us.
“Hey! You don’t have to allow that eat you up, just let it go” Precious said holding my hand as we walked out from Mami market.
As we approached the Pavilion, she slipped out her phone from her waist pouch and made a call to someone whom she was asking if she was around. I guess she must have gotten a positive response because she rang off telling the person that she was coming. She told me to accompany her to the army quarters that she needed to see her platoon commander.
“Is he your source? ” I asked as we made our way towards the army quarters.
“Just wait and see.”
She led me to a room inside the quarters and knocked on the door. We heard a female voice asking us to enter. I was surprised when I heard a female voice from the room. I followed her in and met the very beautiful army Lady whom most guys are crushing on. She greeted her while sitting beside the lady and introduced me as her son back in school. I exchanged pleasantries with her as she offered me a sit. They went on to discuss for some minutes before the lady took her keys and food flask and left. As she closed the door behind her, I heard the lock click.
“Who is she? ” I asked walking to the bed and looking around the room which is a self contain and fairly furnished with a 10 by 12 inches bed. The floral carpet complemented the blue colour of the room. There stood in a corner a reading table and a chair to it with some books and a bible on the table. A wardrobe was positioned at the foot of the bed and on top of the bed was her military boots.
“She is my platoon commander”
“And what has she got to do with how legit your…… ”
Before I could finish what I was saying, our lips met and swallowed the last word I had coming out. It had been a while but surely I missed her lips. I had little urge to withdraw but the greater part of my will urged me on and at that very moment, I needed something like that.
We ate on each other’s lips fiercely as our emotions poured out. We kissed like two long lost lovers. With our lips locked, I pushed her gently down on the bed and lowered myself on her. When we felt like our clothes was becoming an obstacle, we tugged on our tops and threw them to God knows where resuming our kissing while a slipped a hand behind her and unhooked her bra.
Taking my lips off hers, I bent and took her hard swollen Tips into my mouth sucking ferociously as if I wanted to draw out her soul from her nips. While I sucked on her teasing the other tip with my finger, she held tight to my head pushing it down hard to her Bosom.
When I felt I had feasted enough on her Bosom, I kissed my way through her tummy downed to her shorts. Dragging it down to her foot, I slipped in a finger and felt her dripping Kittycat. I tickled her already swollen clit before pulling down my shorts, setting my Joystick free.
She had her eyes closed lost in the world of pleasure. I tickled her clit the more while smearing the already leaked precum over my Joystick head. Gently I guided my Joystick into her warm tight cunt with her walls clinching to my Joystick. She squirmed and covered her head with the pillow in other not to attract attention to the room. I started pounding her slowing before increasing my thrusting speed. I maintained my thrusting level till when I felt my Pour gathering. I wanted to pull out to buy some time but she already had her legs tight around my waist giving me no chance to pull out. I started giving her deeper thrusts till my seeds came flowing. She heaved a big sigh burying her teeth into the pillow with her fist pushing my waist deeper.
I stood up after a while and went for my cloths while she laid sprawled on the bed, with eyes closed. I had a knock immediately I finished dressing up. I ignored it while she sat up and covered herself with the bedsheet. The knock came again and she answered before the locked turned and the lady entered. She smiled but tried to hide it when she saw Precious covering herself with the bed spread.
“You have to go to your hostel, they are already chasing people in” she said placing the food flask on the table.
I looked at Precious and she nodded and gave me the go on ahead look. I looked at the army Lady oblivious that she knew what happened and muffled a thank you to her before walking out from the room. I met some army men on my way out who only looked at me but neither stopped nor asked me anything. I walked from the quarters and jogged towards my hostel as everybody was jogging towards their respective hostels.
When I got to the hostel, I laid on my bed feeling a little guilt on my conscience. I was still lost in thought when my phone rang. It was Precious calling.
“Hey! Are you in the hostel? ”
“Yup, you? ”
“Will be going in later. That’s how legit my link is” she said with a giggle.
“I will still have to see how sure the other one is but meanwhile your link is undoubtedly sure. I also need to rope Shania in, dunno if it’s cool with you?”
She kept mute for a while before replying. “Well lemme talk to her and see if she is cool with it but while I do that, try and get in touch with your girlfriend and know her take on it. And while doing that don’t let your emotions do the talking ok?”
“Ok will get back to you. And Precious?”
“Thank you.”
“Anything for you son.”
I dropped the call and called out to Yusuf. I know it was a futile effort because he was already snoring.
To Be Continued…

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