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Wednesday, 24 January 2018



A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… I didn’t know she was such a pro at giving mouth job. I was half way down into the land of pleasure when she stopped and stood up from the bed. Pulling her shots down, she wiggled her waist to my cart and picked a condom. She had it rolled over my dic.k while I laid helplessly on the bed. Her action amazed me as she hasn’t even given me a smile since the show started.
Holding my dic.k in one hand, she turned and gently lowered herself on it in a reverse cow girl position. I had a full view of her as she bent down and gathered my legs together before she started moving her slowly up and down. She was gathering momentum and with time she was moving real fast on my dic.k. Sending bolts of unquantified pleasure into my head. I watched with pleasure as my d.ick moved in and out of her.
After riding me in that position for a while, she pulled off and bent in a d.oggy position. I needed no soothsayer to tell me what that meant. Sitting up from the bed. I bent over her and gathered her bo.obs in my hands but she slapped my hands off once again. I tried again and succeeded. I squeezed them gently nibbling on her ni.pples. It was surprising how she suddenly stopped brooding though she was covered with sweat.
Letting go of her, I knelt behind her and gently guided my dic.k into her. I thought I had seen enough surprises for the day but the reaction that followed as I started hitting her hard surprised me most. She started moaning trying so hard to stifle it. Surprised as I was, I started hitting her real hard and fast. It must have been very difficult for her to withstand as she suddenly moaned out loud and that flipped her lid. She was pushing back to meet my thrust half way seriously moaning out loud which later transcended to cry.
I was close and knew that I had little time left. I had wanted to stop when she started crying but she didn’t tell me to. While crying she was still pushing back to meet my thrust which had urged me on. Few thrust more and I exploded into the condom. By the time I was done pouring out my jizz it dawned on me that it was one condom that I had on the whole time. I pulled out immediately and checked it praying in my mind for it not to have torn. God answers the prayers of a sinner too. Luckily for me it was still intact. She laid flat on the bed sobbing lightly while I left to clean up in the bathroom and dispose the condom. She was still flat on the bed with her face buried in the pillow when I came back. I threw the blanket over her and putting on my boxer, I laid down to resume the movie. I was about tapping the space bar when she said,
“Don’t even try to play that movie without me.”
After saying that, she stood up and left for the bathroom wiggling her waist. When she came out, she wore her briefs and laid beside me as we started seeing the movie.
Half way into the beginning of the movie she started nodding as sleep took over her. I turned off the laptop and shifted it away as we both slept of on the floor.
To Be Continued…


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